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Where is Hawthorne in Destiny 2? – Answered

by Nikola Pajtic
Suraya Hawthorne NPC

Destiny 2 has extremely rich lore attached to it and numerous NPCs that offer help and gear on every step you make on your way through the fight against various enemies.

Hawthorne is a very valuable NPC and one of the very first characters you establish a connection with. But where is she?

Where to Find Hawthorne in Destiny 2

Hawthorne is a helpful vendor and your first encounter with her will be at The Farm in the European Dead Zone.
Once you finish the main campaign, she leaves the Hawthorne clan and becomes Clan Steward once you finish the story.
A valuable vendor, it is good to know her exact location at all times as you can take advantage of her wares.

Head into the hangar on your right from the landing point to find her at The Farm. Take the first flight of stairs on the left, and you will find her to your right on a platform. She is the one that looks out over the rest of the farm.
Hawthorne is known for her falcon, Louis, and you will easily spot them.

Once you are done with the main story, she changes her location to The Tower. You can locate her on a map in the form of a small, person-shaped icon.

To find her exact location, go towards the Gunsmith and just before you hit the spot, turn right and follow the stairs. Go out of the courtyard where you’ll see her standing just right of Ikora Rey, next to the platform.

Suraya Hawthorne platform
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She will sell you 200-power gear in exchange for some Glimmer, just like any other vendor. However, her secret is that she will give you your Clan banner and you will be heavily rewarded for your Clan activities.

Clan EXP can be exchanged for powerful gear each week.

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