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What is the Secret Ending in the Dead Space Remake? – Answered

How to get an alternate ending

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
What is the Secret Ending in the Dead Space Remake

Even though it brings fancy new graphics and many improved mechanics, Dead Space Remake remains very faithful to the original game from 2008. Although the story remains intact, there is one notable difference in the form of one additional alternate ending. Let’s find out how to get that new Secret Ending in Dead Space Remake.

What is the Secret Ending in the Dead Space Remake?

Since we are talking about the end of the game, BIG SPOILERS FOLLOW – you have been warned!

The remake initially ends the same as the 2008 game, with Isaac destroying the Hivemind. Just after he thinks he’s escaped from the Aegis VII Colony, he starts hallucinating and sees a dead Nicole in the other seat that even seemingly attacks him. This scene is there just to drive home the point that Isaac has finally lost it because the Marker has corrupted his mind, which is kinda confirmed in Dead Space 2.

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However, if you collect 12 new Markers items in New Game+, and follow everything from the guide below, you will get the opportunity to see a completely new alternative ending for the first Dead Space. But what’s in it?

Well, if you thought that the original ending was gloomy and that the alternative ending would bring some kind of a happy ending – you are playing the wrong game. In the new hidden ending cutscene, we see Issac going EVEN MORE INSANE because the Markers have entirely taken over him, which introduces us to his condition from the beginning of Dead Space 2. Considering that the sequel begins with Isaac Clarke hospitalized and in a straightjacket… fun times! Can’t wait for the remake of part two!

How to Get the Secret Ending in Dead Space Remake?

Okay, so actually get this Secret Ending, you must first unlock New Game +, meaning you need to finish the game at least once. After that, in New Game +, collect 12 Marker Fragments hidden all over the USG Ishimura. Well, not hidden, since you will find most of them by just playing the game again. There is one Fragment in every chapter, with the exception of Chapter 5, which has two.

Once you got them, all you need is to place them at the table in Captain B. Matheus’ Quarters. You will find the location in the Crew Quarters on the third floor. Once there, put them all on the table and a creepy sound will signal that you successfully completed this additional quest. From there, you can carry on and finish the game as usual – but, this time around, you will get the Secret Ending! Enjoy, and try to keep your sanity.

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