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All Weapons You Can Get in Dead Space Remake

A gun for you! And a gun for you!

by Shawn Robinson

Isaac Clarke is an engineer to be reckoned with in Dead Space Remake, but it’s not just his combat skills and stasis that get him through the Ishimura. A vast and effective arsenal is all the more important, with various engineering tools refashioned as weapons having a surprising effect against foes. You may wonder if you have every tool Isaac can use at your disposal, let alone how they work. Here are all weapons you can get in the Dead Space Remake.

Every Weapon Available in Dead Space Remake

Isaac can find seven weapons throughout his journey across the USG Ishimura. There is technically an eighth weapon, though it’s unlocked by completing Impossible mode and has to be seen to be believed. Here they all are, including their alternate firing modes:

  • Plasma Cutter (Found in Chapter 1)
    • Primary Fire: Fires out a small projectile that damages anyone that comes into contact.
    • Alternate Fire: Rotates projectile to be either horizontal or vertical.
  • Pulse Rifle (Found in Chapter 2)
    • Primary Fire: Shoots a barrage of energy bullets.
    • Alternate Fire: Launches a proximity mine. (Costs 25 bullets)
  • Ripper (Found in Chapter 3)
    • Primary Fire: Deploys a sawblade in front of you that can be aimed at enemies.
    • Alternate Fire: Shoots the sawblade to go through enemies and ricochet off surfaces. (Costs 1 blade)
  • Flamethrower (Found in Chapter 3)
    • Primary Fire: Shoots a stream of flames that cause damage over time to enemies.
    • Alternate Fire: Launches a flame wall that damages enemies that pass through it. (Costs 25 fuel)
  • Contact Beam (Found in Chapter 4)
    • Primary Fire: Shoots a continuous beam of energy that damages foes it contacts.
    • Secondary Fire: Shoots a heavy beam attack that severely damages foes. (Costs 3 energy)
  • Line Gun (Found in Chapter 4 or 5)
    • Primary Fire: Shoots a large horizontal line that deals large amounts of damage to whatever it passes through.
    • Alternate Fire: Shoots a laser trap that severely damages enemies that pass through. (Costs 1 rack)
  • Force Gun (Found in Chapter 6)
    • Primary Fire: Launches a wave of energy that knocks foes down.
    • Alternate Fire: Launches a gravity well that pulls enemies into its radius. (Costs 3 energy)

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Every weapon in Dead Space Remake uses a different type of ammo, meaning you’ll need to either find or purchase ammo for that specific weapon if you want to use it. You’ll also need to upgrade each item individually, meaning you won’t max out every weapon on a first playthrough. Still, this provides Isaac with more than enough firepower for whatever job needs to be done.

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