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How to Get and Use the Line Gun in Dead Space Remake

The name is perhaps a little too literal.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Line Gun

Dead Space Remake might star an engineer with very little combat training, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t given the luxury of trained soldiers. Across the Ishimura, you’ll find all sorts of weapons including engineering tools repurposed for offensive and defensive capabilities. One such weapon can be completely missed if not careful, and can be particularly useful against certain necromorph types. Here’s how to get and use the Line Gun in Dead Space Remake.

Where to Find and Use the Line Gun in Dead Space Remake

The first time the Line Gun appears is during Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent. If you happen to miss it there, then there’s an easier way to get it during Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion. Don’t read further if you haven’t encountered the new enemy there, but if you have, then you’ll want to proceed through the chapter until you find the Hunter in the Emergency Room.

You’ll need to unlock and enter ER Hallway A, though once you enter it, don’t proceed through just yet. Instead, look for a room in there with level 2 security clearance. Unlock it, and on the floor you’ll find your handy Line Gun. You’ll also find a few other supplies including a Node, which can later be used to either upgrade the weapon itself or another weapon in your arsenal.

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The Line Gun is particularly powerful because of its horizontal line attack. Given that the name of the game is removing limbs, this will prove extra useful for sweeping a necromorph off their feet (and ensuring they never use their feet again). Its alternate attack deploys a trap that, when walked over, will severely damage a necromorph. As you can tell, this all pairs it well with another weapon to finish it off.

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