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How Many Chapters Are in the Dead Space Remake? – Answered

Deceptively similar to the original game.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Isaac Broken Hallway

Dead Space Remake brings back the iconic Isaac Clarke on his introductory (and arguably greatest) mission. As an engineer aboard to USG Kellion, it’s up to him and his crew to investigate what happened to the Ishimura and find some way out of this new nightmare. With the game being a full-on remake of the original, you may be wondering how much content there is. Here’s how many chapters there are in the Dead Space Remake!

Are There The Same Chapters As the Original in Dead Space Remake?

In total, there are 12 chapters similar to the original Dead Space that should take you roughly an hour each to complete, give or take a little time, depending on your exploration efforts. The chapters are as follows:

  1. New Arrivals
  2. Intensive Care
  3. Course Correction
  4. Obliteration Imminent
  5. Lethal Devotion
  6. Environmental Hazard
  7. Into the Void
  8. Search and Rescue
  9. Dead on Arrival
  10. End of Days
  11. Alternate Solutions
  12. Dead Space

While the chapter count remains the same, that isn’t to say the game is incredibly similar to the original in the amount of content on offer. Thanks to the introduction of additional side missions, there’s a lot more lore to dive into and content to sink your teeth into. Rest assured, it won’t feel like a simple touch-up of the original. It’s all fresh in one way or another.

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Along with new side missions, many of the game’s most iconic moments have been changed to better fit modern-day standards. Moments such as Chen’s death in the opening minutes are completely different now, being better for new audiences and surprising classic fans. All of this, while being faithful to the original’s design. That also means things are much scarier now, so be ready to have nightmares after a late-night session.

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