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How to Get the Contact Beam Ammo Schematic in Dead Space Remake

Toasting foes takes a lot of ammo, naturally.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Contact Beam Ammo Schematic Location

In Dead Space, everything you build has a direct purpose that will be used in gameplay at one point or another. If you’re the type of person to hoard potions or potion ingredients and never use them, you won’t have that issue here. A small pool of consumables means you’ll be using everything within a short time of getting it. You’ll need schematics first, though, and for one weapon in particular, it’s a hard thing to find. Here’s how to get the Contact Beam Ammo schematic in the Dead Space Remake.

Where to Find the Contact Beam Ammo Schematic in Dead Space Remake

Before you bother looking around for the schematic, you’ll want to make sure you’ve reached Chapter 7: Into the Void. This will open up the Mining Deck of the Ishimura, which is coincidentally where you’ll find the schematic. Provided you’ve either reached or surpassed this chapter, you’ll want to look around until you find a roundabout of hallways surrounding a central room. This room should have a locked door, unless you’ve opened it. It’s also noticeable through the security terminal next to it. If you need help, we’ve provided an image at the top of this article for reference.

To unlock this room, you’ll want to look for a window on the right side. In the window, you’ll notice one of the small purple power boxes you’ve seen from time to time. Shoot that through the window, and the door will open. Once inside, you should find the Contact Beam Ammo schematic with a glowing yellow light on it. There’ll also be extra supplies, in case you need some.

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Bring that back to a shop, and you’ll be able to purchase Contact Beam Ammo on the fly for 2000 credits. Each purchase will give 5 Contact Energy, so use the purchases wisely. Otherwise, have fun melting necromorphs!

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