What is the Highest Paying Career in The Sims 4? – Answered

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Even Sims need money to live. And sometimes, that means committing yourself to years of government service. But at least it keeps the room of your sim’s head! Here’s the highest paying job in Sims 4.

What is the Highest Paying Career in The Sims 4? – Answered

If you’re wondering what the highest paying career for your Sim is, look no further than the Military Career, which promises your sim guaranteed employment and fat stacks of cash.

The Military career is included in The Sims 4 StrangerVille Game Pack and features two branches at level 6. Once your sim reaches level 6, they can pick between Officer and Covert Operator.

Both paths will offer your sim the same salary, starting at $104 an hour and ending at a very impressive $422 an hour or $3,376 a day.

But the hours and days your sim will be committed to the job differ, along with the perks.

Both Officers and Covert Operators work eight hours a day. But Officers work during the morning and day, and Cover Operators work at night.

If you opt for the Covert Operator Career, you’ll unlock the Man in Black uniform once you reach level 10. They’ll also get the Medal of Courage. But to get to level 10, you’ll need to complete the task, ‘Plan 10 Moves Ahead’, which is just playing chess for two hours.

Going for the Officer career path will unlock the Grand Marshal Uniform and the Medal of Courage at level 10. But your Officer Sim will need to Recruit Sims into the military to achieve that high level.

The second most profitable career is the Stylist (Style Influencer), which makes $451 an hour at level 10 and $2,706 daily. Because they work fewer hours, they make less money. To unlock this career path, you’ll need to get to level 6 in Style Influencer and choose Stylist.

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