What is the Gotham Knights Max Level? – Answered

Leveling up Batman's inheritors

What is the Gotham Knights Max Level

Gotham Knights is finally here for more Arkham-series-style Batman action, only this time without Batman. In this unusual spin-off, players take on the role of Batman’s four deputies Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red Hood – because the big poppa bat has been killed. Although Gotham Knights has a very fresh premise, the game didn’t quite meet all the expectations, especially after some previously-excellent Arkham games, but it certainly brought interesting new co-op mechanics and a slightly different focus, especially when it comes to character leveling. And that is why you are here, you want to know what the maximum level in Gotham Knights is – let’s find out.

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What is Gotham Knights’ Max Level?

The maximum level you can reach by collecting EXP points while completing tasks in Gotham Knights is 30. The good thing is that levels are transferred between characters, so the game encourages you to change them often and try different styles. The only drawback is that it is not possible to respec so choose wisely how you want each character to progress.

If, after finishing the game, you want to continue playing in New Game+ mode, the level cap will be raised from 30 to 40. As level 30 is reached relatively easily and without any excessive grinding of side activities in the main game, these additional 10 levels in New Game+ will come as a nice addition while trying to complete everything else. For example, trying to get that Platinum Trophy in the PlayStation 5 version if you don’t mind 30FPS (give us the performance mode patch already you cowards!).

Gotham Knights is available now for PC and next-gen consoles only. You can read our full review of the game here.

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