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All Suit Styles in Gotham Nights Listed

Those Jim Lee suits are pretty sick

by Lucas White

We’ve already covered how to customize your suits and how to unlock new styles and colorways in Gotham Knights. But now apparently what the people want is a full list of all the suit styles available in the game. What’s interesting about these suits is that some of them directly adapt suits from various comics, some of them are original-ish and others are based on existing concepts but styled up a bit or adapted for characters who weren’t involved. It’s neat stuff, and finding new ones is a lot of fun. It also makes cycling through gear as you level up refreshing since it’s more like a full costume change (instead of Diablo-like piecemeal fashion disasters). Anyway here’s a list of all the Gotham Knights suit styles.

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New Guard



Year One

Neon Noir






Knight Ops




More suit styles could come sometime after launch as additional DLC, I suppose. But as of day one, these are all the looks available in Gotham Knights. The screenshots above are specifically the Transmog versions, which means they are considered the “default” versions of those styles. If you’re wearing a suit instead of using the Transmog, there are pieces you can swap between to customize your look a little. You can also unlock those colorway patterns I mentioned earlier! Check out the guides we have for both how customization works and how you can go about getting those unlocks for all the details you need.

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