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4 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Gotham Knights

Some early game tips and tricks before you start playing.

by Jesse Vitelli

Gotham Knights is an open-world game developed by WB Games Montreal. It’s centered around the bat family and puts players in the cowl of Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood. There are a lot of different systems, collectibles, exploration opportunities, and customization. Honestly, it can get a bit overwhelming at first. We’ve curated a list of tips and tricks players should know. Here are four things we wish we knew before starting Gotham Knights.

Always Check Your Challenges

In the main Menu of Gotham Knights, you will see a list of tabs ranging from your map to your ability trees to your challenges. Check out your challenges to see which can be completed when you’re out on patrol. It isn’t always obvious when you’re near completing one of these. They offer valuable rewards like new suits, ability points, and even resources for crafting. Always check this tab when out on patrol to see if you can check one off while playing.

There is a Fourth Skill Tree

Each character in Gotham Knights starts with three skill trees. Each focuses on a different aspect, like damage, evasiveness, or momentum abilities. However, there is a fourth skill tree you can unlock by completing the Knighthood challenges presented to you. So like our tip above, focus on the Knighthood challenges as soon as possible. This will unlock your character’s fourth skill tree and give you access to a whole new arsenal of tools.

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Don’t Worry About Resources

Gotham Knights features crafting and the ability to get better gear with higher stats. This will be done by using the resources you’ve gathered around Gotham City to build and create new weapons, suits, and ranged attacks. However, many of the resources, especially early on, are thrown at you in abundance, and you never really have to consider obtaining them. Don’t focus on getting a lot of resources because the game will hand them to you like candy. Just be sure to check out the crafting menu every once and a while. It will let you know when something better is available to craft.

Shoot the Barrels

Once you have access to your ranged attack, explosive and other elemental barrels will be around town. You can shoot these to cause damage to nearby enemies. Just hit your AR scan button and look for anything highlighted. This shows you which barrels can be discharged to explode. Try grouping enemies near them before shooting.

Those are some early game tips and tricks to remember when playing Gotham Knights. Be sure to check out all of our other guides on the game.