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How to Unlock Suit Styles and Colors in Gotham Knights

The Zurr-En-Arrh Colorway is wild

by Lucas White

Gotham Knights is an action RPG brawler kind of deal, and it includes a “Gear” system that is both interesting and poorly explained within the game. What makes it interesting is the way it lets you customize various aspects of each suit depending on what you have. The poorly explained part is self-explanatory. Even just unlocking new stuff is weirdly communicated, so I’m going to try my best here to make it easier to digest. Here’s how to unlock new suit styles and colors in Gotham Knights.

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There are three elements when it comes to customizing the look of your individual Gotham Knights. There’s the “Current Suit” or pretty much what you have equipped or in your inventory. There’s “Transmogs,” which of course allow you to swap the look of your equipment without changing any of the stats. Finally, there’s the “Colorway,” or the pattern of colors you choose for your suit. Each of these elements is unlocked in different ways.

Suits and Styles

Like I said before, suits are simply your equipment. But it’s equipment you can tweak the visuals to. If you’re just wearing what you have equipped, you can tweak the color, cowl, symbol, gloves, and boots with three options per part.

Unlocking new suits requires Blueprints, which of course are random drops from enemies, chests, and whatnot. You can check each Blueprint in the Crafting menu to check the style and Colorway pattern along with the stats and such. Craft it and you can equip it at the Belfry. Playing the game can also grant you new Suits; for example, after you meet the Court of Owls for the first time you get a new suit with a new style directly into your inventory.


I can see a possible 16 Colorway options in total, but there are two more empty slots in the menu as of Review Day. I assume there will be more options later or via DLC. But at the moment I can only use five of them! You can experience Colorways you don’t have through getting Blueprints, but you don’t get to keep them permanently. Instead, you find new Colorways by completing tasks in the game. Gotham Knights is coy about which tasks specifically, but it’s a combination of checking out everything there is to do. As you play you’ll eventually start seeing your collection expand.


These are awesome and kinda lame at the same time. But wearing a suit style you don’t like the look of is even lamer. Each suit style also has a Transmog form you can apply to whatever you’re wearing. To unlock a Transmog you have to craft that suit style but at a specific time. You have to do it when said style is one of your crafting challenges. Otherwise, the new styles will come and go without updating your Transmogs.

The drawback of Transmogs is that you can only use their default looks. While you can customize those parts I mentioned earlier for your Current Suit selection, if you Transmog you’re locked into the default parts and colors. Bummer!