What is the Biggest Ship in Starfield? – Answered

Bigger isn't always better.

Starfield Class C Ship
Image via Prima Games.

The Ship Builder in Starfield is surprisingly robust. You have so much customizability and can build almost anything you can put your mind to. You can even build a mech ship if that’s something you want to do for whatever reason. However, there are limitations to how large your ship can be. Here’s the biggest ship you can build in Starfield.

How Big Can a Ship Be in Starfield?

While it would be nice to have a ship that’s just a massive platform and nothing else, you are limited on the length, width, and height of your ship. I went into the Ship Builder myself and messed around with parts, discovering that the maximum length and width of your ship is 80 meters each. However, that’s a lot more space than you might think. 80 meters in length might be cutting it close for some longer ships, but 80 meters in width will almost never be hit. If you use one hab and some landing gear, the furthest in width you’re seeing is around 20 meters. Needless to say, you have some room to play with.

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Starfield Ship Builder Height Limit
Image via Prima Games.

The same can be said for height, though we sadly don’t have the same sort of concrete number as length and width. You do have a lot of room to play with on that front though. I’ve provided an image above of the max height I was able to get the ship before the Flight Check menu spat out an error at me. Unless you want to make an accurate recreation of a skyscraper, you shouldn’t have height issues.

Is There a Benefit to Making Your Ship Larger?

Starfield Big Ship
Image via Prima Games.

Making your ship larger does come with some benefits, provided you don’t abuse that length. More space means more you can slap into it, such as a heap of Cargo Holds so you can hold something stupid like 10,000 Mass in your ship’s cargo. More space can also mean more room to have engines, so you can go even faster. With that being said, you’ll also increase the Mass and decrease the Mobility of your ship, making it have the handling of a tank with worn-out treads. Not ideal in a lot of scenarios. It’s important to find a healthy balance between the two or risk some of the better conveniences on your ship.

If you’re looking into more details regarding shipbuilding, check out our guide on how to build a ship from scratch in Starfield.

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