The Best Ships for Cargo in Starfield

Live out your dreams of hauling cargo across the galaxy with one of these ships!

Starfield Best Cargo Ships
Screenshots by Prima Games

The world of Starfield is vast and filled with all manner of unique opportunities. You may choose to follow along with the main story quests, attend to faction questlines in Neon, explore and survey planets for the highest bidder, or role-play as a long-haul trucker in space. The choice is genuinely yours to make. But if you want to make bank hauling cargo as the latter, then you need the right ship. No, not just any ship. And certainly not The Frontier. It’s too cheap and cramped. You need the best cargo ships in Starfield!

The Best Cargo Ships in Starfield

While you can spend credits upgrading the cargo hold of your ship, why not start with a fantastic foundation in cargo hauling? The following ships, while certainly not the most attractive options to fly, offer a ton of cargo space. You can fit so many house plants, microscopes, and human body parts in these!

Silent Runner

Starfield Silent Runner Starship
Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Cost: 390150
  • Class: C
  • Hull: 1164
  • Shield: 975
  • Particle Cannons: 38
  • Missiles: 96
  • Fuel: 300
  • Grav Jump Range: 30 LY
  • Cargo Capacity: 6060
  • Crew: 5

This is the easiest ship to recommend when it comes to cargo capacity. Seriously, look at that massive cargo hold, with 6060 space for items. You can load up resources to construct multiple outposts across the galaxy or haul a ton of contraband to sell in Neon. It’s up to you!

Despite the massive cargo capacity, Silent Runner does feature multiple items in the negative column. First and foremost, it’s slow. I mean, look at the size of this ship in-game, and you’ll quickly realize it’s a tortoise and not a hare. That, and it’s expensive. When you visit Hopetown, they’re selling Silent Runner for over 390,000 credits. That’s end-game level cash, not “let’s start a role-play playthrough tonight” levels of cash.

Star Eagle

Starfield Star Eagle Ship
Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Cost: 398375
  • Class: A
  • Hull: 948
  • Power: 30
  • Shield: 310
  • Missiles: 130
  • Lasers: 12
  • Fuel: 140
  • Mass: 1089
  • Grav Jump Range: 18 YL
  • Cargo Capacity: 2200
  • Crew: 5

While nowhere near as close to the cargo capacity of Silent Runner, Star Eagle is an exceptional ship for fast-moving cargo haulers who want the best of both worlds in terms of defense and capacity. With missiles, lasers, and a powerful shield to protect your goods, Star Eagle is worth the trouble to acquire.

Speaking of how to get Star Eagle in Starfield, you must complete “The Hammer Falls,” a faction quest for the Freestar Rangers, to receive this unique ship. It’s relatively easy to acquire, and it’s fully customizable. You can upgrade the weapons, cargo hold, and crew capacity over time.

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