Stories From the Starfield – A Day in the Life of Big Rig Rob

A sneak peak into the life of Prima Games' favorite Space Trucker.

It’s a new day in the Sol galaxy, and I’m happy to see another day. When I started my life as a long hauler, I never expected things to turn out the way that they had. I was promised a stable life, hauling cargo across the solar system to patrons willing to receive it, but I never once expected that I would find myself in the middle of this kind of situation. That being said, it’s a little more exciting than just bringing some space trash to a shop to sell off for cheap.

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I wake up as I do every morning, inside of my sparsely decorated room at the Lodge. I make my way downtown in New Atlantis to visit my favorite little coffee shop, Terrabrew. I take my coffee black, it’s the easiest way to start the day and my diabetes doesn’t bode well if I put too much sugar in my drink. I let out a yawn and a bit of a stretch, preparing myself for the day ahead of me. I was hoping it was going to be a little more laid back than normal, but it seems that Constellation has some new plans for me.

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After getting a hot cup of Joe, I head back into The Lodge. I see that all of the members of Constellation are ready to rock and roll, even though it’s still pretty early in the day. They’re always planning something, I swear. Barrett lets me know that he’s got some plans to meet up with someone selling an artifact and hopes to use my Empathy to bring some light on the situation, and I begrudgingly agree. Let’s hope that nothing gets too out of hand here.

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Being a long hauler isn’t the easiest job in the Galaxy, it’s actually surprisingly difficult. I’ve found myself struggling with Stimulant Addiction to keep my full attention on the road, so I had to make a quick stop on Neon to visit the doc at Reliant Medical and get myself a clean bill of health. I’m already going to be heading in this direction, so I may as well get this knocked out. After a quick fix, I pack up, get some new gear, and get ready to hit the intergalactic space highway once again.

The view from space is a little bit different than my normal view, and it’s something that I still find myself in awe of. After a quick dock at The Eye to stock up on some extra supplies, Barrett and I plan our next steps before embarking into a new Galaxy to track down this… rather eccentric purveyor of fine goods. We also grabbed some snacks to ensure that I was ready for the trek before us. Can’t persuade properly on an empty stomach, can you?

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We make connections through our coms system with the seller, and his lackeys are a little tougher to crack than expected. However, through the gift of gab, I was able to talk my way onto the ship and secure a one-on-one with the Collector who is hoping to keep his piece of Artifact. I’m hoping I don’t slip up and say something wrong, and that he’s not too stubborn.

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Guess what? He is stubborn, but I’m able to talk him into taking me to his vault of fine goods to see his collection and the piece of the Artifact that he has stumbled upon. This is great news, and I’m hoping that we can use our extra funds from my Space Trucking adventures to get our hands on this and that it doesn’t come to blows. He seems nice enough, if not a little strange.

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They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but I could tell this guy was going to be a little greasy from the moment I laid eyes on him. After talking for a bit, I offered any sum of money possible to get my hands on that fine piece of architecture. My offer is almost immediately shut down, however. I’m hoping to use my words to resolve this, but it doesn’t seem like that is going to be the answer here.

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Well… this collector basically dared me to take the Artifact and see what happens, so I did. And, as you can see, it quickly turned to Fists. I laid the Smackdown on him and his crew, and he begged for my mercy. And since I am Merciful, I gave him a chance to let us leave with what we came for, and nobody else would get hurt, a plea that he quickly accepted. As Barrett and I made our way down the hallways of this cold, dank ship, listening to insults hurled our way by his crew, we escaped back to the Lodge once more.

All in all, it’s just another regular day in the life of this Long Hauling Space Trucker. My life has flipped on its head since I accidentally touched that Artifact back during my Miner days, but I guess I should be happy that things are more exciting than I ever thought they would be. It’s a lot of change from my normal day-to-day life, but as long as I can hit the road listening to some tunes from old Earth, I couldn’t ask for anything else.

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