Is it Worth Picking Empath Trait in Starfield? – Answered

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Empath Trait Starfield
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There are plenty of traits you can pick as you begin your Starfield playthrough that affect all of the gameplay going forward, and Empath stands out as an enticing option. However, it has a con like so many of the other options, and in this guide, I’ll cover whether it’s worth picking or not.

Is it Worth Picking the Empath Trait in Starfield?

The short answer is no, it’s not worth choosing the Empath trait, and it will feel fairly restricting for many players. Basically, any time you upset a companion in any fashion, you will suffer for it in combat for a short duration. In other words, the opinion of your companions becomes more important than your own.

For players who are planning on staying as “good” as possible in Starfield, the Empath trait is worth using. Most of the companions will appreciate characters that follow the justified actions in the game. So, taking advantage of that and receiving a bonus for it can be a massive boon to combat for free.

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What is the Empath Trait in Starfield?

The Empath Trait changes your effectiveness in combat every time based on the reactions from your companions. If you perform an action that a companion approves of, then you will earn combat buffs for a short duration, such as increased critical hit chance. On the other side of the coin, actions they dislike will result in a debuff for the same period of time.

Players who want to make choices on a case-by-case basis will be punished, so again, I recommend skipping this trait entirely and going for something else, like Wanted. Who doesn’t love some good bounty hunters and a little bit of extra damage in Starfield?

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