How to Complete The Hammer Falls in Starfield

It's time to end this.

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It’s time for the final chapter in Starfield’s Freestar Collective storyline. After some intense investigation work, often seeing you slice through mercenary groups like a hot knife through butter, the truth is out. While the First Cavalry was attacking the farms, the real puppeteer is Ron Hope, leader of HopeTown. It’s time to put an end to the investigation. Here’s how to complete The Hammer Falls mission in Starfield.

Starfield The Hammer Falls Walkthrough

As you’ve deduced at this point, accessing The Hammer Falls requires you to complete nearly every mission in the Freestar Collective mission line. This includes investigating the farm attacks, getting in contact with two First Cavalry members, and decrypting several Ecrypted Slates.

Go to HopeTown and Confront Ron Hope

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Head to HopeTown in the Valo system on the planet of Polvo. After landing, make your way inside and find Ron on the main factory floor. He’ll be praising his worker, Birgit, for meeting some ambitious quotas that he set for her. Speak with him and tell him you know he ordered the hits on the farms, and he’ll immediately deny it under the fact that Paxton was court-martialed. Show him the slate and he’ll confess to what he did.

His reasoning for doing this is about what you’d expect. HopeTech had been falling behind its competition and needed ways to catch up and keep competitive. He began to diversify his research team and looked into crops, though the first tests of experimental fertilizer were unsuccessful and destroyed crops. He was ready to cut the project out before the fertilizer proved it had other significant effects that would seriously increase profits. Thus, his plan was to donate the fertilizer, clear out the farm, and then harvest the soil. That’s what he hired the First to do, though his plans never involved wanting to hurt anyone. However, farmers are stubborn, and he couldn’t risk having witnesses.

Birgit chimes in and is shocked he did something so vile, and he’ll act as vile as you’d expect in return. From here, he presents you with a choice. He vows to call off the operation and return the land to its rightful owners, and he’ll even pay you to let it go. This presents you with a few options. You can either take the money and walk away, or you can kill him. Choosing the option of bringing him to justice brings you to the same choices.

You can make whatever choice you’d like here. If it were me, I’d choose to kill him since he’s proven his idea of ethics is non-existent. This means less of a payday, but it’s a better ending story-wise. His security is also easy, consisting of him, his assistant Cosette, and four guards.

Talk to Birgit McDougall

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If you choose to kill Ron Hope, then you’ll want to talk to Birgit after the deed is done. She’ll be shocked by the fact that he did what he did, but still finds it bizarre given how he always looked out for his employees. She’ll be upset, though there’s thankfully a second-in-command who can replace him; Elana Nwanko. She seems fine, so things should be okay.

Talk to Marshal Blake

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Leave HopeTech and make your way back to Akila City, where you’ll want to talk with Marshal Blake at the Rock. Inform him of what happened at the mech factory with Paxton and with Ron Hope of HopeTech. He’ll be shocked, though Emma is far from surprised. If you killed him, he’ll be worried about how this could affect the Collective, though Emma seems unconcerned about it causing any lasting damage.

However, there’s a good ending to all this. The Marshal and Emma have approved your promotion from Deputy to full Ranger! Not only do you get a fancy new badge and some gear, but you’ll get some Credits and a free Star Eagle-class ship as well. Congratulations on completing the Freestar Collective mission line in Starfield!

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