Should You Kill or Spare Ron Hope in Starfield

Take the money or take a life?

We’ve run through some heavy twists and turns, from farmyards to derelicts orbiting space. And where has that brought up but back to the beginning. Right back to Hope Town and the man Ron Hope himself. But should you kill Ron Hope or spare him in Starfield?

Starfield: What Happens if You Kill or Spare Ron Hope?

This choice is given in the quest The Hammer Falls, which is under the Freestar Collective questline. You’ll receive this quest after you obtain evidence incriminating Ron Hope in the form of a Details of Arrangement slate given by Paxton Hull. You’ll need to get to Hopetown on the planet Polvo, which is next to Narion in the Valo system.

Hopetown doesn’t do much to hide the fact that it’s a company town. A place where everything and everyone is owned by a company and one man, Ron Hope. But Ron Hope does more than run a business. He’s also a member of the council of Governors, which holds substantial sway in the Freestar Collective.

That makes the decision to kill or spare him much harder.

Spare Ron Hope in Starfield – Consequences

Almost immediately upon being confronted with the evidence of what he’s done, Ron Hope will try to bribe you into silence.

His base offer is 20,000 Credits. But if you have Negotiation, you can push that number all the way up to 50,000 Credits. He’ll give you that 50k without a fuss, too.

You can then accept his offer and receive your credits. But you’ll lose Hull’s Slate and any evidence of Ron Hope’s wrongdoing. Likewise, even if you don’t take the money and just say you’ll cover for Hope, Hope will still take the slate.

You can then return to Daniel in Akila City, where you’ll have to lie to him. You can tell him that Paxton Hull took his secrets to the grave or that the First covered their tracks well and that you didn’t learn anything useful.

You’ll then move on to the next step. But the scene with Daniel makes it clear that this is the less ideal ending.

Kill Ron Hope in Starfield – Consequences

If you opt to attack Ron Hope, the factory you confront him in will turn hostile. Ron Hope has quite a few guards, and they have the high ground, so it can be a difficult fight. Once you take out Hope’s security, you’ll be tasked with speaking to the floor manager, Birgit. It’s possible she’ll flee because of the violence, but eventually she’ll cower and stop running, allowing you to interact with her.

Photo of Birgit in Starfield

She’ll be devastated. But she’ll acknowledge that the second-in-command in Hope Town is pretty capable. Which means that Hope Town will continue to thrive, even without Hope at the helm.

Return to Akila City and speak to Daniel. When you reveal that Ron Hope was the one behind it, he’ll be shocked. But Emma will be less than surprised, and point out that Hope has always been ambitious. You’ll then move on to the next step. Poorer, of course, but with your sense of justice and integrity intact.

This is also very clearly the “canon” ending.

So, to sum it up. If you’re going to let Hope bribe you, take the money. The result with Daniel in Akila City is the same either way.

But by killing Hope, you get the more “canon” ending, and no one seems that torn up about his death. So, pick whatever poison suits you.

It is not exactly clear what happens if you can take Ron Hope’s money and then kill him after. It could be worth trying this out for some free cash without having to feel bad about taking a bribe.

Before you leave Akila City, be sure to pick up Ezekiel from Aggie’s. He’s one of the best companions you can have. Though there are quite a few more in Akila City, if you’re looking for options.

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