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How to Get the Dragonfire II Ship in Starfield

A surprisingly strong ship, if you have the Credits to spare.

When it comes to succeeding in the world of Starfield, having the right ship for your needs is key. You can handle some things with the default Frontier ship alright, but you’ll find yourself struggling later on if you don’t get something with a little more strength to it.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go through the process of building a ship manually and can purchase one instead. One such ship is found a bit off the beaten path but can be incredibly useful for some. Here’s how to get the Dragonfire II ship in Starfield.

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Where to Find the Dragonfire II Ship in Starfield

The Dragonfire II ship can be purchased from The Eleos Retreat’s Ship Services Technician. The Eleos Retreat is found on the planet of Ixyll II, in the Ixyll system. If you’re having trouble finding it, it can be found to the Northeast of the Kryx system and east of the Cheyenne system. It’s surrounded by the Celebrai, Freya, and Shoza systems.

Starfield screenshot of the long white Eleos Retreat Ship Services building with flood lights on other side of the door and a satellite antenna on the roof.
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you’ve landed, head to the Ship Services building north of your ship and speak to the Technician within. Select the dialogue option “Let me see what ships you have for sale,” and you should see the Dragonfire II as one of the ship options. You’ll also find other ships, such as the Wanderlust, Endeavor II, and Zumwalt II.

Dragonfire II Ship Stats

The Dragonfire II has some pretty decent stats, which we’ve listed out below. Overall, the Dragonfire II mostly excels in its firepower and sheer size, but its engines leave a little to be desired compared to other ships. It also has some great cargo space that’s perfect for enabling all your hoarding instincts.

  • Class: C.
  • Fuel: 1550.
  • Hull: 1006.
  • Cargo Capacity: 2790.
  • Crew: 7.
  • Reactor: 27.
  • Jump: 26 LY.
  • Shield: 850.
  • MSL: None.
  • BAL: 92.
  • LAS: None.
  • PAR: 64.

Is the Dragonfire II Ship Worth Buying?

Starfield screenshot of Dragonfire II side view in the ship builder.
Screenshot by Prima Games

The Dragonfire II is a Class C ship featuring seven Crew slots, 2790 Cargo inventory, Particle Beam, and Ballstic weapons, along with a strong shield. It can be purchased for around 360,000 Credits, or up to 20% less depending on your rank in the Commerce skill.

As for whether it’s worth it, you could argue in favor of it on a few conditions. It’s a Class C ship for one, which means you’ll need Piloting level 4 (Tech skill tree). You also need around 300,000 Credits lying around, which is hard to come by for many of you. If you meet those two conditions, though, and are willing to add a missile launcher that complements it, then we’d say it’s worth it. If we had the Credits, we’d probably buy it ourselves. Slap some black with red highlights on that thing, and it’d be a real beauty.

Ships to Use if You Can’t Afford the Dragonfire II

Let’s be honest, few of us carry around the pocket change required to meet the hefty price tag on this beefy ship. Fortunately, Starfield has a whole slew of ships for the thrifty shopper that can be used in place of the Dragonfire, many of which are free.

We here at Prima Games would like to introduce you to the Star Eagle. Forget Starfield’s Dragonfire. The Star Eagle is an easily accessible Class A ship perfect for a small family of five, equipped with five cozy Crew slots, a comfortable 2280 Cargo Capacity, a 948 Hull, and a 1216 Health Shield. All for the low, low price of free.

Just complete The Hammer Falls mission during the Freestar Collective mission line, and then you’ll be cruising the stars in style.

Other ship alternatives to Starfield’s Dragonfire that might meet your frugal needs are:

  • Razorleaf: a free, cute ship for the budget smuggler. Class A.
  • Crimson Fleet Reaper: 128,775 Credits—a sleek ship for a space pirate in need of some cheap heat. Class B.
  • Roanoke: 173,925 Credits—a girthy beauty that can carry a heavy load for the frugal hoarder. Class B.
  • Shieldbreaker: 265,443 Credits—an average ship for an average upper middle-class adventurer. Class B.

If you’re still thinking about Starfield’s Dragonfire II, but want to do some browsing before you make the call, then check out our guide on how to get the Narwhal ship in Starfield.

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