What Is A “Bacon” In Roblox? – Answered

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When a game has as much customization as Roblox, you should eagerly be jumping in to make your own special character. However, there are plenty of players that are too excited to jump into an Obby or something like DOORS that they completely disregard this crucial step of the process. And, as with many multiplayer games, these default characters have a unique nickname within the community. Let’s dive into the pan and find out exactly what a Bacon is in Roblox, and how you can avoid being called one.

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What Is A Bacon in Roblox? – A Tale Of Two Characters

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If you’ve ever seen a fully decked-out Robloxian following around a new character, there is a very good chance that you’ve seen a text bubble pop up saying “Bacon”. When Roblox first became popular, there was originally the “Noob” skin, featuring yellow skin, a blue shirt, and green pants. While they still live on in infamy, the rise of the Bacons began in 2014.

As the company continued updating the platform, they completely changed out the default avatar with both the new Male and Female avatars that have not changed since. Going from Noob to Bacon was originally a controversial choice, but fans have grown to love the newer-styled avatars just as much as the originals.

While you have the opportunity to choose a new avatar for free from the Roblox store, plenty of players that are just looking to jump into an experience will just keep pressing Continue until they reach the end, resulting in them using the default Male or Female Bacon avatar. But, why are they called that?

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Why Bacons Are Called Bacons

The main reason that a Bacon is called that, is because of the hair that they are given. It’s as simple as that, particularly with the Male Avatar. With low-resolution locks, this character has hair that takes on the appearance of Bacon, thus resulting in the name. While the Female Avatar has a different hair selection from the start, the color of her hair has earned her the nickname, as well.

Much like Destiny 2 characters that have just started earning the nickname Blueberries, being a Bacon is almost a rite of passage. Starting from the bottom and becoming something new is an exhilarating experience, but some players love the idea of staying as a default character for a variety of reasons.

In a way, cosplaying as a new player, even if you’ve put countless hours into the game, may give you the element of surprise. To be fair, many players using the Bacon skin are going to be very new on the platform, and may not be the most help. However, if you find yourself up against a Bacon that keeps mowing you down in Frontlines, you know someone is playing you for a fool.

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Do People Like Bacons?

More often than not, players are going to be very kind to Bacons, depending on the type of game they’re in. If you jump into an Obby and see a Bacon that keeps walking off of the edge, players are going to flock to them and help them out, because they may be a young user getting onto the game for the first time. However, some players are going to be mean to Bacons, but if you know how to contact Roblox support, you can always let the company know that they’re being cruel.

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However, other players are not very fond of Bacons in general and will treat them like every other player they come across. If you’re looking to avoid this, there are plenty of free Marketplace items that you can use to customize your character and make you stand out from the crowd. It’s just finding the right styles that make you feel like you’ve got the perfect avatar, and you’ll be ready to go.

Overall, being a Bacon isn’t a bad thing. It’s just taking the most default route possible in a world full of creativity and imagination, so you’ll want to get your own personalized avatar sooner than later. Once you’re ready to jump into the world, you’ll no longer have to worry about dealing with some of the negative feedback from nasty players.

With so many different ways to customize your avatar and your experiences, you may need a little help to get your grips with the platform. We’ve got you covered in our Roblox section below, so make sure to jump in if you’re looking for something new to play or some codes for your favorite experiences!

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