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Can You Get Banned For Using An Auto Clicker In Roblox? – Answered

Click the day away, but just be safe about it.

by Shaun Cichacki

While I love the Roblox platform and most of the experiences on them, there are some times that it feels like progression screams to a halt without a moment’s notice. Certain games on the platform will require an unreasonable amount of patience to finally hit the next level, so you have a choice: either let the game run in the background and check in a few times every once in a while, or employ the help of something like an auto clicker. However, there are horror stories online that may lead you to believe that you could be banned for using one, so we’re going to get to the bottom of this once and for all.

What Is An Auto Clicker?

An auto clicker is exactly as it sounds: it’s software on your PC that will click the screen after a specific amount of time. You can set this to go for a set amount of time, like milliseconds between clicks, or give it a bit of time to recuperate and click once again. There are a few programs that work great, but for the sake of this experiment, I personally used OP Auto Clicker to see if my account would get banned. Here are the results that I have found.

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Can I Get Banned For Using An Auto Clicker In Roblox?

After creating a few different pieces of UGC, or User Generated Content, I decided to load up Pls Donate. As one of the best ways to get free Robux, I figured I would leave my account alone after a day of work and see if people would want to donate to my stand and purchase some sweet new clothing and game passes.

I opened up OP Auto Clicker and set the click time to be every two minutes to avoid any sort of suspicion and let my computer be for about seven hours, as I started right before going to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I was glad to see my Robloxian doing the Monkey next to his stand, and a whopping 57 Robux donated to my character. The best part, however, was seeing that my account was not banned and no adverse action had been taken.

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So, I Can’t Get Banned For Using An Auto Clicker?

No, you definitely can get banned for using one, so we’d highly advise against using an Auto Clicker. However, you just need to be smart about how you’re using it. If you have your computer registering a click every two milliseconds, the Anti-Cheat programs that Roblox employs will likely figure that something is going on. But, if you have it set for a more reasonable amount of time, like a few minutes in between clicks, you should be more than fine. There is still a small chance that you could get banned for using one if you do it this way, but the chance of it happening is very small compared to those that are clicking like a banshee for 10 hours straight.

Depending on the type of experience you’re playing, you can kind of determine the number of clicks you should be using. Something like Pls Donate or Yeet A Friend!, you can let the click range from 2 to 10 minutes and let it run for hours at a time so you can keep on racking up Energy and points. But, if you’re playing something like Blox Fruits and want to do more damage, you may only want to use an Auto Clicker for a short period before turning it off.

Now that you know how to use an Auto Clicker without getting banned, make sure to check out our Roblox section below. You can find out how to fix simple errors, set up your account so you can appear offline, and so much more. Get ready for your next Roblox adventure with us.

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