What Are Nukes In Pls Donate on Roblox? – Answered

This isn't a killstreak, but a donation streak

While roaming around the world of Pls Donate, players have the option to try and sell UGC and Game Passes to try and raise some extra cash to spend on new items. However, while most players are only going to tip a few Robux here and there, you may occasionally see some fireworks… literally. Depending on how much players decide to tip you or other players, some crazy events can happen in this world, including a Nuke dropping in the plaza. While this may not wipe the server or cause any sort of damage to your or your avatars, it still marks a major event. Let us see what this is all about, and what it means for other players.

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What Does It Mean To Get Nuked In Pls Donate?

While doing The Monkey next to your stand in hopes to garner enough attention to your cause, you may see a [Global] trigger hit the chat, alongside a Nuke Warning. Someone getting Nuked in real life would be a terrible, horrifying thing to witness, but in the world of Pls Donate, it is almost a jealous feeling.

You see, the only time you will witness a Nuke hitting is if someone on any server donates at least 100,000 Robux to another player. In real-world money, this would equate to around $350 USD, which is not a small sum to randomly donate to someone. You will witness this happen a fair number of times while playing if you are working AFK, or just happen to be playing with some very generous souls.

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How Can I Get Nuked In Pls Donate?

It is hard to know exactly what someone would need to do to get hit with a Nuke in Pls Donate. It seems to be something that Content Creators, or even the creator of the experience themselves loves to do to help spread the joy and cheer to other players. While setting up a stand and hanging out for a few hours, Nukes were dropping from the sky at an alarming rate, meaning that plenty of players were getting hit with rather large donations.

If you go through and create some excellent UGC, or set up a huge donation sum to see if anyone would possibly consider donating that much, it seems there is no surefire way to get this huge donation amount. You will just have to hope that you are lucky enough to be the one that gets hit with it for that particular day. Keep on trying, and maybe one day you will get blessed by the Donation Nuke.

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If you are hoping to collect plenty of Badges to adorn your profile, you will be glad to know that even if you do not get hit by a Nuke, you will still unlock a Rare Badge by witnessing a nuke drop in your plaza. With only a 7% obtainment rate, however, this is a rare one to get, but stick around in a plaza long enough and you may finally get it.

No matter if you are a long-time Roblox veteran or someone that has just jumped into the game for the first time, you will find plenty of content about the platform in our Roblox section below.

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