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What Faction Questline Should You Complete First in Starfield – Answered

Just do them all at once

There are four major factions in Starfield, and they’re all worth completing. But they’re also exceptionally time-consuming, with sprawling quests that will push you to strategize and make hard choices. So, which Faction should you finish first in Starfield?

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What Faction Questline Should You Complete First in Starfield – Answered

We’re very happy to say that we’ve completed each of the Faction quests in Starfield and we genuinely love them all. They’re the highlight of the game for us, and they each provide a series of unique rewards. But which should you tackle first?

There will be zero story spoilers in this article. But we will be discussing the rewards you’ll get. Diving right in, here’s the order you should tackle the factions in Starfield.

1. United Colonies Questline in Starfield

The United Colonies is the first faction you’ll encounter in the game. This questline can be triggered in the MAST District in New Atlantis, literally in the MAST Building. Speak to John Tulsa behind the front desk to get started.

This is easily the best faction questline to start with for a multitude of reasons. In terms of story, it introduces you to the other factions, the current day politics, and the history of the galaxy. It’s also more combat focuses, leading you to gain some excellent weapons and equipment, while helping you grind out levels.

You’ll do this questline pretty early on, so don’t worry about what level you should be before starting it.

But its ultimate rewards, the penthouse in the Residence District, and a permanent discount in New Atlantis, are what really make it worthwhile. No other house in the galaxy is as good as this penthouse, and the discount is excellent for early game.

Starfield United Colonies Faction Questline Rewards

In summary, here’s a list of rewards you can get from completing the United Colonies Faction questline:

  • Residence District Penthouse.
  • Permanent discount in New Atlantis.
  • 350 XP.
  • 24,600 credits.

2. Freestar Collective Questline in Starfield

While the storytelling of the Freestar Collective isn’t as tight as the United Colonies, it’s a questline that focuses heavily on exploration. You’ll see many new areas in the galaxy, which will open you up to dozens of new side quests.

We recommend being level 30 before starting this questline. It’s not too bad early on, but there’s a massive level spike that’ll leave you frustrated.

You can trigger the Freestar Collective Faction questline by completing the main mission in Akila City with Sam Coe. He’ll then prompt you to introduce yourself to Emma in The Rock, which is the Freestar Collective bar. This will jumpstart your journey with the Freestar Collective.

The Freestar Collective quest has you dabble in both combat and social skills. And while it has some intrigue, it’s a little lackluster compared to the United Colonies. But we still recommend it, as it’s very easy to complete, and it leads to an excellent ship, the Star Eagle.

Starfield Freestar Collective Faction Questline Rewards

In summary, here are the quest rewards for the Freestar Collective questline:

  • The Star Eagle.
  • The Justifier rifle.
  • EXP 150.
  • Credits 12,400.
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3. The Crimson Fleet Questline in Starfield

The Crimson Fleet, despite seeming like a one-note gang, offers what might be the best faction storyline. It has you pursuing a treasure across the galaxy and getting into all sorts of shenanigans in a variety of distinct locales.

We recommend being level 5 before starting this questline. It’ll give you a good jumpstart into most of its quests.

To start the Crimson Fleet questline, you’ll need to steal something and be caught. SysDef will then hard-press you into becoming a mole in the Crimson Fleet. This will jumpstart a series of quests that will have you working out your ability to steal, murder, and… steal some more.

Starfield UC SysDef vs Crimson Fleet
Image via Bethesda Game Studios

But the rewards for completing this faction questline are middling at best. Primarily, you’ll get credits. 240,000 Credits, in fact. But along the way, you’ll grab some unique weapons.

The real reason why we don’t recommend this faction questline early is because the final mission can be quite difficult for someone just starting out.

Starfield The Crimson Fleet Faction Questline Rewards

In summary, here are the quest rewards for The Crimson Fleet faction questline:

  • 240,000 credits.
  • 350 XP.
  • Keelhauler ballistic pistol.
  • The Revenant legendary rifle.

4. Ryujin Industries Questline in Starfield

Okay, perhaps we’re biased. We love this faction questline. It has you playing an operative in a cutthroat corporation that will do anything, and we mean anything, to get ahead of the competition.

We recommend starting this faction questline at level 4.

To jumpstart this quest, you’ll need to be in Neon, or possibly New Atlantis. Hang out near the red Ryujin terminals, and you’ll hear an announcement saying that Ryujin is looking for new employees. You can then fill out a resume at one of these terminals.

Photo of Ryujin Industries lobby in Starfield

Ryujin Industry questlines are completely unique from the others because they’re almost entirely combat-free. In fact, they’re complex stealth-based missions, particularly at the end. And you’ll spend a lot of time sneaking and lockpicking. To be successful at these missions, you’ll need quite a few points in Stealth and Security. Likewise, these are easily the hardest faction quests in the game.

The rewards are also the worst. Completing this questline will get you around 16,000 credits (depending on a few factors), a point in the Social skill Manipulation, and an office on the Operations floor of Ryujin Industries. It’s not a penthouse… but it’s still pretty nice.

Starfield Ryujin Industries Faction Quest Rewards

In summary, here are the rewards you get for completing the Ryujin Industry questline:

  • 16,000 credits.
  • 1 point in the Social skill Manipulation.
  • Office on the Operations floor of Ryujin Industries.

5. Constellation Questline in Starfield

This is going to be the main questline. You start this automatically at the end of the game, but you won’t need to go through the entirety of it all at once. You can take your time and do other factions. The first mission of this questline operates as a tutorial. As such, you’ll pretty much be forced to do it. You start off as a miner and must find an artifact, kill pirates, then go to Jemison to rendezvous with the Constellation itself.

Since this is the main questline, the level of your character won’t come into play much here. You can pretty much finish the entire thing at any level you want.

You’ll acquire an artifact for beating the first mission. You’ll also learn how to dock and board ships as well. Many of the main missions will give you some new ability or item that’ll improve your experience substantially.

Starfield Constellation Faction Questline Rewards

In summary, here are some of the rewards you’ll get for completing Constellation questline:

  • 15,540 EXP.
  • 136,200 Credits.
  • Various weapons and armor.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on what Starfield Faction Quests you should complete first. For more info on Starfield factions, you can check out our article All Revealed Starfield Factions List.

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