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Valorant Patch 6.0 Full Notes – New Map, Split Changes, and More

From darkness, revelation.

by Matt Vatankhah

Valorant’s newest episode, entitled REVELATION, is just around the corner as the release of Patch 6.0 draws near. The sixth episode comes with a handful of exciting new content to jump into, some familiar content making a return, and various gameplay changes to improve the overall experience. We’ll go over the new changes below to get you ready for the patch’s release on January 10, 2023. Here’s the full patch notes for Valorant Patch 6.0, including the new map and gameplay adjustments.

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Valorant Patch 6.0 Full Notes – New Map, Split Changes, and More

Valorant Patch 6.0 introduces a new map, the return of Split, and various gameplay updates – so don’t expect any Agent rebalancing beyond a few bug fixes here and there. Since 6.0 is also the beginning of the new REVELATION episode, we can expect a brand new battle pass to surface. Let’s go over the new changes below.

New Map – Lotus

Image via Riot Games

The brand new map, Lotus, takes place in the ancient, mysterious ruins seen in the most recent REVELATION trailer. Lotus will be a three-site map, making it only the second map in Valorant to feature three separate sites to plant the spike. Lotus will only be playable in the new Swiftplay game mode for the first week of release, and will enter the Competitive and Unrated map pools on the release of Patch 6.1.

The Return of Split – Reworked

The dearly missed map, Split, will be making its return with some much-appreciated tweaks to various locations to make attacking a little easier.

Images via Riot Games

The first engagement area into A Main has been widened and given a smell ledge to help with mixups.

Images via Riot Games

The under-over ledge on A Rafters has been removed to lessen the risk for attackers when entering the site.

Images via Riot Games

The defending side of A Towers has been flattened to make fights on Ramps easier for both teams.

Images via Riot Games

The boxes under the Mid platform have been adjusted, allowing players to silently drop onto them and eliminating the need for trick-jumping on top of them.

Images via Riot Games

The defending side jump-up boxes in B Tower have been removed.

Images via Riot Games

The hard corner in the B Rope Pocket has been smoothed out so that attackers can clear it more easily.

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Map Pool Adjustments

Breeze and Bind will be removed from the Competitive and Unrated map pools, but can still be played in all other modes.

Competitive Updates

Patch 6.0 will slightly change the way Ranked Rating (RR) points are gained and lost. Now, RR gains/losses will depend more on wins/losses rather than the exact round differential of the match. This should make the amount of RR gained and lost more consistent based on whether your team wins or loses, and should help prevent players from losing tons of RR when their team is swept by a wide margin.

Additionally, players whose ranks are far away from their actual MMR should find that they converge quicker than in the past. For those players, RR gains will depend more on individual performance rather than round differential. For example, players whose ranks are below their MMR will be rewarded more for a good game.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Variant Favorites – Gun skin variants can now be favorited, and only those chosen will be entered into the pool of potential skins when you’ve enabled the Random Favorite option for that gun.
  • Toggle Zoom Adjustment – Zoom inputs for ADS and scopes when using Toggle Zoom has been reworked, aiming to help prevent disagreements between the Client and Server under network issues like packet loss and ping stutters.
  • Omen ‘Dark Cover’ Adjustment – Omen’s Smoke ability (Dark Cover) will fall to the height of nearby ground when placed inside walls. This will eliminate various spots where Omen is able to create “one-way smokes”, which Riot hopes will restrict one-ways to more intentional and understandable areas.

Bug Fixes

  • Cosmetic
    • Odin’s ammo belt will no longer visually pop into a vertical position when swapping gun buddies in the Model viewer.
  • Maps
    • (Ascent) – Fixed a bug when breaking the door at Market by using an ability on the wall to the side of it.
  • Agents
    • Fixed a bug where Cypher’s Trapwire (C) could be placed through Sage’s Barrier Orb (C).
    • Fixed objects like traps that were not being damaged if they are placed in molotov patches that are already active.
    • Fixed bug where you could see Skye’s Seekers (X) on the minimap while they were still invisible if you had line of sight to their hidden location.
    • Fixed a bug where suppression would not properly interrupt Fade’s Prowler (C) control.
    • Fixed a bug where Viper was able to deactivate her ultimate, Viper’s Pit (X), while suppressed.
    • Various gameplay damage interactions fixed:
      • Killjoy’s Lockdown (X) now properly takes damage from all abilities.
      • Fixed Skye’s Trailblazer (Q) dealing damage to enemy Skye’s Trailblazer (Q) and Sova’s Owl Drone (C).
      • Fixed Sova’s Hunter’s Fury (X) and Breach’s Aftershock (C) not damaging Raze’s Blast Pack (Q).
      • Fixed Phoenix’s Blaze (C) not dealing damage to Harbor’s Cove (Q), Raze’s Blast Pack (Q), Reyna’s Leer (C), Sova’s Recon Bolt (E), and KAY/O’s ZERO/POINT (E).
      • Fixed Brimstone’s Orbital Strike (X) not dealing damage to Harbor’s Cove (Q).
      • Fixed Breach’s Aftershock (C), Raze’s Showstopper (X) and Paint Shells (E), damaging allied Killjoy’s Nanoswarm (C).
      • Fixed Sova Hunter’s Fury (X) damaging allied Fade’s Haunt (E).
      • Fixed Killjoy’s Nanoswarm (C), Phoenix’s Hot Hands (E) and Blaze (C) not dealing damage to Chamber’s Rendezvous (E) and Trademark (C).

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