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Valheim Update 0.215.2: Full Patch Notes Listed

The devs have called pest control, because these bugs are dead

by Daphne Fama
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Xbox players finally have access to the survival and exploration game, Valheim, but its console release has been marked by its fair share of bugs. Here is the Valheim Update 0.215.2: Full Patch Notes Listed.

Valheim Update 0.215.2: Full Patch Notes Listed

Today’s patch includes some further fixes for Xbox issues, among other things! There will be a few more patches before all the Xbox issues have been fully resolved, but this is at the very least a step in the right direction.

Patch Notes

Fixes & Improvements:

* Backups are no longer deleted after being restored, so the same backup can now be restored multiple times.
* World saves with missing .fwl files now show up in the Manage Saves menu so that they can be deleted.
* Fixed a bug where backups couldn’t be restored if the main save file was missing its .fwl file.
* Fixed a bug that made world saves in cloud storage create a blank .old file when saving, instead of no .old file.
* Player & ship markers are now shown correctly above map pins on the minimap
* Lighting effects reduced when using “reduce flashing lights” setting for Eikthyr antlers, all boss spawning, guardian power and boss stone activation
* Network compatibility version is now displayed separately in the console and log file and each non-pc platform has a platform prefix in the version text

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* Improved stability and performance of world saving to decrease chance of saves being corrupted on microsoft store and xbox
* Save files that were corrupted as a result of incomplete file operations in cloud storage are detected and can no longer be started as empty worlds
* Fixed a bug where the time stamps of cloud saves were retrieved as UTC instead of local time.

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