Tower of Fantasy “Account Verification Parameter Error” Explained

Another one?!

tower of fantasy account verification parameter error

Yup. Another day-one login error for Tower of Fantasy – the servers can’t contain the hype, apparently. People love that Gacha stuff. One such popup you may be seeing is “Account verification parameter error.” But what is it? Don’t worry, nothing is wrong with your account. Here’s what it means and a handful of potential fixes so you can jump into the anime world of Aida ASAP.

What is the Tower of Fantasy “Account Verification Parameter” Error?

“Account verification parameter error” is just a fancy way of saying that the servers are congested, like the “Login Status Exception”, “2618”, and “Already Logged in With This Account” errors. So many names for the same issue.

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But is there a fix for the problem? Not an official one, no. As is typical with server hiccups, it’s not on your end so there’s not much you can do to solve it except wait it out. With that said, there are a small handful of things that you can try, but they’re not guaranteed to work at all so don’t expect them to be a magic wand or anything:

  • Close and reopen your Tower of Fantasy mobile app or PC game client.
  • Pick a different server than the one you’re currently trying to access.
  • Choose a server in a different region. Not ideal but players have seen success with this method.

If none of those are successful for you, then it’s just a case of waiting for traffic to slow down enough for you to squeeze into your desired server. With the hype surrounding the Western launch of Tower of Fantasy, expect longer queue times for the first few days until either the developer opens up more servers or the player base lessens a bit. Godspeed!

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