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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Leatherface
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For many, the first game in a brand-new multiplayer experience, especially a survival horror, involves playing as the victim. But a few are drawn to the dark side. Instead of a weakling who can only stealth walk around the map, you may wish to feel as powerful and dangerous as Leatherface or Sissy. But if it’s your first game as a Family member, a few Killer tips and tricks in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre go a long way!

Killer Tips for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

While playing as a Killer in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, it’s essential to understand that the Victims outnumber you. Every match includes four Victims and three Killers, but even with the slight disadvantage, the Killers typically have each game in the bag when appropriately coordinated.

But to ensure you walk away victorious, here are a few tips to consider.

Feed Grandpa Blood

While there are only three Killers per match, the Family has Grandpa. He’s fast asleep at the beginning of the round but will wake up if the Victims make too much noise while escaping the basement or when the Killers feed him blood. You should be doing this.

By feeding Grandpa the blood tucked into corners of the arena, he’ll level up his supernatural powers and highlight Victims hidden throughout the map. The ability works by tagging moving or hidden Victims but does not work if they remain still, at least not until the final stage of Grandpa’s powers.

Watch for Audio Triggers

If Victims trigger a trap, like the hanging bones or chickens, it will trigger an audio cue that points Killers to their last-known position. This cue appears as a red circle on the screen and is typically worth exploring further. In the basement, Leatherface can track these cues to hunt down Victims. On the surface, every Family member can follow the trail to gain a potential kill.

Lock the Exit Doors

The Family can enter almost any door on the map without unlocking the entryway. But a forgetful Killer may leave a door unlocked and allow Victims to escape quickly.

If you move through a door, take a moment to turn around and lock the exit. For instance, the basement exit doors can be secured.

Furthermore, Killers must also lock the map exits, specifically the Generator or Car Battery escape. Otherwise, they’re left wide open for Victims.

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Use Your Abilities

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Like Victims, every Killer may utilize a unique ability.

  • Leatherface: Leatherface can use his chainsaw to smash through locked doors and barricades by revving it and using his ability.
  • Cook: Cook utilizes ‘Seek’ to tune his earing to noisy Victims around the map.
  • Hitchhiker: Hitchhiker can lay down traps made from bones and teeth.
  • Johnny: Johnny can track a Victim using their blood trails.
  • Sissy: Sissy uses ‘Bane’ to unleash poison.

These abilities can help turn the tide of a match and typically work best when used in tandem for a coordinated attack against the Victims.

Destroy the Environment

As mentioned above, Leatherface can rev his chainsaw and smash through objects around the map. He’s the only Killer capable of altering the map like this.

As Leatherface, you should smash most barricades, including barbed wire obstacles and crawl spaces, to limit where Victims can escape during a chase.

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