Who Voices The Hitchhiker In Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

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As you venture into the horrid hellscape of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you may hear a few familiar voices. With some of the most iconic characters in all of horror history, you’d be hard-pressed to find a multiplayer game more horrifying than this, especially with its stellar audio design. However, when I first dove into this multiplayer massacre, something brought a twisted smile to my face, especially when I realized the history of the Hitchhiker lives on in digital form. Let’s find out who voices this horrifying hobo, and see what the fuss is about.

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Who Is The Voice Of The Hitchhiker In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game?

Bringing the character of The Hitchhiker to the big screen back in 1974, Edwin Neal has returned once again to lend his iconic tones to this digital interpretation of his character. Yes, almost 50 years after the original film was released, the original actor can still nail the voice that made his character so beloved for all these years. While the Hitchhiker may not be the strongest member of the family, he’s one of the most terrifying to be in a chase with, due to his extreme maneuverability and traps that he can set around the premises.

However, Ed Neal isn’t the only one who has come back to voice their original character. Below, you’ll find a list of all the voice actors, with those who have been involved with the franchise previously being in bold:

  • Kane Hodder (Motion Capture) – Leatherface
  • Lex Lang – Leatherface (Voice)
  • Sean Whalen – Hitchhiker (Motion Capture)
  • Edwin Neal (Ed Neal) – Hitchhiker (Voice)
  • Troy Burgess – The Cook
  • Kristina Klebe – Sissy ‘Sunshine’
  • Damian Maffei – ‘Pretty Boy’ Johnny
  • Scout Taylor Compton – Julie Crawford
  • Jeannie Tirado – Ana Flores
  • Bryarly Bishop – Connie Taylor
  • Zeno Robinson – Sonny Williams
  • Matt Lowe – Leland McKinkley
  • Aaron LaPlante – The Narrator

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To help bring the world of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to life once again, it seems that Kane Hodder has helped with his iconic motions, and Edwin Neal has brought the Hitchhiker’s deranged personality to the slightly smaller screen. Both deliver excellent performances, with The Hitchhiker still getting under my skin as much as the first time I saw the film.

No matter if you’re hoping to find out which Victim you should play as or want to find out how many maps are in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, we’ve got you covered on all fronts. Be sure to check out our section below to get your hands on plenty of helpful tips and tricks to make your next vacation to Texas a little less terrifying.

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