How Many Maps Are Available in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

What kind of horrors await you here?

As you venture off on a vacation for the Family, you may wonder how many unique maps and areas you can explore on your special trip. Sure, you may not be fishing and cooking like you were hoping you were going to, but surviving with your friends is just as enjoyable… right? As you venture into The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, knowing how many maps you’ll have available right out of the gate will be important, especially if you’re planning on playing until the sun comes up.

How Many Different Maps Are in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game?

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre cares about delivering the most authentic experience possible, and it seems their dedication to delivering a one-to-one recreation of the most iconic scenes from the first film limits the number of maps available at release. While it sounds daunting that only three maps are available at the time of release, each of these maps offers a fair bit of variety from one another.

Matches take place in three different stages: immediately after capture in the underground portions of the map, the interior section of the house or business you are in, and then a vast outdoor maze full of objectives you need to complete before you can exit the match. And while it feels that three maps may be limiting, it’s hard to know exactly how a match is going to turn out. Maybe you’ve got a teammate that has memorized the layout, or maybe it’s your first time here. During our playtime with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, each match always played out differently.

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Each stage has a variety of different ways that you can exit, so you’ll need to strategize with your team to make sure that everyone has a successful escape. As the game grows and matures, adding more content along the way, we can only expect to see the number of maps grow, but for the time being, you’ll have three excellent maps to explore at your leisure… as long as you don’t mind becoming Barbecue for the Family if you fail.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing this game, let our review guide you in the right direction. Speaking of guides, be sure to check out our Texas Chainsaw Massacre section below to get your hands on more information about this exciting and terrifying experience, so you don’t need to worry about figuring out who you should main.

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