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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Victims Tips and Tricks

Victims no longer!

While games like Dead by Daylight, which dominates the asymmetrical horror multiplayer space, have started to take a more relaxed and goofy approach with the likes of Nicolas Cage, a more brutal horror experience like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre fills a cutthroat competitive hole. It’s a tough game, made more challenging and frustrating by the brutality of the Killers and the complex map layout, so Victims have their work cut out for them. But wait! Here are a few Victims tips and tricks for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to even the playing field!

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Tips for Victims in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

As a frantic survival horror game, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre doesn’t pull any punches. It’s fast-paced, challenging, and lethal. The Victims, who outnumber the Killers, must rely on their wits and stealth, with the occasional bumrush attack, to make their escape. And don’t get any wild ideas because escape is the only option.

Don’t Be Afraid of Noise

While noise will typically alert any Killers to your position, it’s not the end of the world if you activate a trap or struggle to free yourself.

At the very beginning of each round, you must escape the basement. Whether it’s your first time or you’re trying to speed-run an escape, making noise is likely. Don’t be afraid of noise!

You can always leave the area, hide, and then work your way around Leatherface in the early game, as he’s the only one who will venture down into the basement during this phase.

Don’t Ignore Chickens

Be wary when you pass near a chicken. Despite their innocent appearance, chickens are the bain of every Victim. They are extremely loud, alerting every Family member nearby. But it’s important to note that only the chicken is marked on the map, not your location.

Thankfully, however, you can fight back. If you have Bone Scraps, found in the various bone piles around the basement, you can eliminate the problem altogether.

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Respec Points for New Characters

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While you may feel drawn to a specific Victim, chances are you’ll play others at some point. When you do, remember to respec your points for the new character. You can use the same points you put into, say, Sonny while playing as Connie. This system allows you to tailor your Victim build in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to better suit your playstyle, no matter your character.

Be Prepared for Grandpa

Despite his frail state, Grandpa is straight paranormal. He will wake up if the Victims make too much noise while escaping the basement, and then the Killers can feed him blood to enhance his powers. The stronger Grandpa becomes, the higher his victim detection ability grows. If you move while his power is active, he will spot you and mark your location for Family members.

But there’s a kicker! Grandpa is vulnerable to stealth attacks by using Bone Scraps. If you stab Grandpa, he’s weakened and loses a power level, but this leaves you open to attack.

Watch for Traps

Each map section includes numerous traps that can snare Victims and alert Killers. These include hanging bone decorations, chickens in cages, and loud doors that bang open like an explosion going off in a confined space. Many of these are entirely avoidable, like the decorations (crouch and walk underneath or just to the side), but chickens prove the most annoying!

Keep Tools at the Ready

To escape from the farmstead properly, a few exit doors require tools you can find by opening the blue toolboxes scattered about the map. The trick is not to open the toolbox too fast, as doing so will make noise and alert nearby Killers of your position.

If this guide helped you survive a bit longer as a Victim, remember to check out other guides from Prima Games, like How Many Maps Are Available in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

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