Does Texas Chainsaw Massacre Have a Single Player Mode? – Explained

Get ready to squad up.

The last thing you’d want on your trip to Texas is to be abducted by a murderous group of cannibals, but as it turns out, that might be what you get. In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you’re going to need to do whatever possible to get your hands on tools, supplies, and even the macabre bone shard to use to your advantage. But, will you need to just worry about yourself in Single Player, or hope that your squad can get their hands on some extra items, as well?

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Can You Play Single Player in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Unfortunately, for those hoping to practice before they jump into a game on their own, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a strictly online-only game. There are no bots that will be able to help you out here, unlike Dead by Daylight or even the Friday the 13th game before it. You’ll need a full squad of people before the game will even let you jump into the action, as Quick Matches strictly require a total of 7 players to be readied up and available.

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In Private Lobbies, however, you can jump in with fewer players, but this particular adventure is optimized for seven players, so expect some unfair advantages on both sides of the field if you jump into a private match. During our time in the review sessions, we were able to start up matches with as few as five players in the Custom Lobbies, but it was nowhere near as fun as it could have been. With the size of the maps available for players to explore, alongside the other variety of options available, you’re always going to want that seven-player squad ready to go.

And as we mentioned above, there are no bots available, so if a player disconnects during the game, you’ll still be able to find their empty husk, standing menacingly in the corner or exactly where they were when they disconnected. It can be jarring to see Leatherface just staring blankly at a wall, but use this to your advantage and get the hell out of there.

No matter if you’re still curious about which version to get, or if you want to jump in with some knowledge about the game, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to check out our Texas Chainsaw Massacre section below to get your hands on plenty of excellent information to help you get the most out of your new favorite multiplayer game.

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