Parkour Guide The Rogue Prince of Persia
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The Rogue Prince of Persia: Parkour Guide

Learn to jump, wall run, dash, and everything in between.

The Rogue Prince of Persia is all about mastering your movement skills, such as wall runs, dashes, vaults, jumps, and more. In some areas of the game, making a slight slip, such as holding the wall run button too long, can land you in muddy waters. Here’s a complete parkour or movement guide in The Rogue Prince of Persia to get you started.

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How to Double Jump in The Rogue Prince of Persia

Let’s first start with some of the semi-basic movement tricks. Double jump isn’t exactly possible, but what you want to do is to jump, walk on the wall for a split second, and jump again.

Using this tactic, you are basically using a double jump. You can use this mid-combat, but if you are trying to get around the area, you should hold your LT or L2 button, depending on your platform, so you can cover more distance by running on the wall.

How to Wall Climb in The Rogue Prince of Persia

To wall climb or basically wall run, you just need to hold L2 or LT. This tactic is highlighted more when facing multiple foes who are attacking simultaneously.

If you jump and hold the wall run button, the Prince will try to wall climb, but if there are no obstacles, he uses his dagger to slowly get back down. You want to capitalize on getting down slower if you want to avoid multiple attacks, especially ones with projectile attacks.

If you want to climb a high wall, you want to jump first and then hold the wall run button. Once you start descending, you can jump again, basically using the first tip, the double jump.

How to Dash in The Rogue Prince of Persia

While going through the tutorial, the game teaches you to dodge enemy attacks through vaulting. However, if you aren’t in melee range of any enemy and you need to dodge, you can press the same button, circle or B, and dash through.

Dash is extremely useful for getting around quickly outside of combat. Since there isn’t a sprint button, dashing is the fastest way to get around the area.

Movement Tips & Tricks in The Rogue Prince of Persia

The best and biggest tip you should master is playing around with all the obstacles, walls, ropes, and poles to reset your jump. Every time you wall run, the Prince will eventually stop, prompting you to jump again to go a bit longer. If you time that jump going into another object or obstacle, you can climb again and jump again.

Do this consecutively, and you’ll traverse any area, whether it is horizontally or vertically. You really have to practice this movement trick, because timing will matter sooner or later in the game. By that, I mean going through the stages with multiple traps and spikes where a mistimed jump can mean the failure of your whole run.

If you want a little shortcut going down, you can also hold your analog stick down and press X or A. This will perform a diving attack straight to the bottom, giving you a faster way to get to the surface. Be careful using this tactic, though. If you don’t know what’s down there, you can easily slam down into spikes, and you don’t want to use your extremely scarce health potions just for a mistake like that.

If you want to head back to a different Well of Dreams or location, you can fast travel instead of using all the fancy movement tips you’ve learned here, given there’s a nearby Well of Dreams.

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