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10 Best Beginner Tips in the Rogue Prince of Persia

Beat the bosses in no time with these awesome tips!

If you find yourself struggling and constantly dying in The Rogue Prince of Persia, at least you get to hear the amazing OST over and over again. Jokes aside, here are some beginner tips to help you reach farther and farther in every run in this unforgiving side-scrolling platformer.

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The Rogue Prince of Persia: 10 Tips for Beginners

Always Use Your Tools!

Tools like the Composite Bow or Chakram are meant to be used frequently, not sparingly. These tools provide a great boost in damage and most of them are ranged attacks, which makes it a safer damage option to deal with enemies and save some crucial health points.

Tools use energy and you regain energy fast by attacking enemies. If your energy is always full, you are not using your tools enough.

Explore the Map Vertically

After a few runs, you’ll notice that the stages are actually quite big. The path to the next area is usually from left to right, but if you go down or up, you’ll find other useful things such as chests containing items, Spirit Glimmers, and even consumables that increase your maximum health or just healing aids.

There are cases where there are multiple traps leading to these areas, but the more you get used to avoiding them, the more you can capitalize on increasing your power through these items.

Mix Kicks Mid-Combo

When you are attacking an enemy, some of them charge up their attacks while they are getting hit. You can stagger them by hitting them more, but in most cases, you should use kicks to knock them back and stop their attack animation. Kicks are usable while doing a combo with your weapon, so kicks are almost instant. Some Medallions even favor using kicks so you can get more effects, such as kicking an enemy toward an obstacle releases a poison cloud.

Use the Terrain to Your Advantage

Speaking of kicks, you can also kick them off the ledge or into spike traps. If they fall far enough, they die instantly. You don’t have to go near them to grab the gold, as they automatically go to you once an enemy dies. Kicking these enemies off the ledge is by far the fastest way to deal with them. However, shielded enemies don’t get knocked back by kicks or get staggered by attack combos so be careful when dealing with them.

Play Around Shielded Enemies

Since shielded enemies don’t get staggered or get knocked back easily, you should try to break the shield as fast as possible, preferably with a tool, or deal with the other enemies first before trying to attack a shielded enemy.

Replace Medallions for Better Upgrades

In your playthrough, you’ll encounter various Medallions, whether it is through a chest, a random spawn, or the merchant. These Medallions have different levels of upgrades, and some of them do completely different things when upgraded to max.

When standing next to a Medallion upgrade, you’ll see their effects. Once you pick it up, you have the choice of placing it in one of your four slots. Even if you have a free slot, you can also use the Medallion to replace another Medallion if the upgrade is available. You’ll see the little diamond icons below each Medallion, and if you hover the newly acquired Medallion over your existing Medallion, you might see an additional diamond icon, meaning the new Medallion will get the upgrade when you place it into that slot.

If you put it on an empty slot, some adjacent Medallion slots will also have those two arrow icons pointing up, which means it will upgrade those adjacent Medallions.

Always Use Your Gold

When you encounter a merchant, you’ll always see some selection of items ranging from weapons to consumables. If your goal is to reach the farthest stage in every playthrough, you should always use your gold to increase your power. Saving gold isn’t a good strategy because you’ll always get enough gold by killing enemies before reaching another merchant.

If you didn’t eliminate enough enemies, you might only have gold to buy one or two items, but that is okay. You can also choose to fast travel back and fight other enemies so you can afford a piece of item.

Dying is Part of the Game

If you find yourself dying a lot, you can either use your health potions more efficiently to survive longer or capitalize on getting Spirit Glimmer to further improve your player. Each failed run is just a few steps to success. Get those Spirit Glimmers and show them who’s boss next time.

Weapon Upgrades is the Key to Success

If you are fond of a specific weapon type, it is best to learn all the other weapons because the upgrades are quite useful. In the image above, you can see a number next to the weapon. This is their weapon level and as you progress farther into the stages, the weapons drops get stronger and stronger. However, the weapon drops are completely random, so it is best to use the best one available in terms of damage output.

Learn Enemy Attack Patterns

After running a hundred times, your progress always depends on how you deal with the enemies. If you aren’t getting used to how the enemies attack, it will be a long and bumpy ride. Try to remember how the enemies attack so you can save more of your HP at more difficult stages in the game.

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