The Finals Weapon Tier List – All Weapons, Ranked

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Free-to-play multiplayer shooter The Finals offers battles among multiple teams and maps with highly destructible environments. It is important to have the right weaponry to cover all sides or create new paths for your team.

The Finals Weapon Tier List

This is a tier list of some of the best weapons in The Finals, though not every weapon can be used among the three classes. So, we have included the best weapons to use from each class within each tier.


  • V9S (Light)
  • AKM (Medium)
  • Flamethrower (Heavy)

The V9S is a must-have for the Light class with its high magazine and low recoil. Players can get close and eliminate enemies quickly without having to reload. The AKM is great all-around gun for the Medium class that anyone can use, while the Heavy’s Flamethrower can decimate multiple enemies in tight spaces.


  • SR-84, XP-54 (Light)
  • Model 1887 (Medium)
  • Sledgehammer (Heavy)

The SR-84 sniper rifle may seem out of place in this fast-paced shooter, but can be one-shot kills against smaller classes. Light players that cannot hit the shots consistently can opt for the XP-54 submachine gun. The Model 1887 is great for Medium classes in close quarters, while the Heavy’s Sledgehammer can also eliminate smaller classes in one to three hits.


  • M11 (Light)
  • R.357 (Medium)
  • M60 (Heavy)

The B-tier includes weapons that are just good enough to use or provide an alternative. The M11 is the starting weapon for the Light class, and is useful until earning enough credits for better weapons. The R.357 revolver can take down enemies in a few shots, but you will have to reload often. Finally, the M60 turns the Heavy into a suppressive fire machine for longer range combat.

The Finals – All Weapons Ranked

The Finals contains 20 different weapons across the three classes. While each class has their own armory of weapons, some weapons are just simply better than others to use. Here is the full list of all the weapons in The Finals ranked:

  1. V9S
  2. AKM
  3. Flamethrower
  4. XP-54
  5. SR-84
  6. Sledgehammer
  7. M11
  8. Model 1887
  9. R.357
  10. M60
  11. SA1216
  12. Lewis Gun
  13. LH1
  14. Sword
  15. CL-40
  16. Dagger
  17. SH1900
  18. FCAR
  19. MGL32
  20. Riot Shield

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