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TFT Galaxies Set – New Teamfight Tactics Origins and Traits

by Ginny Woo

It’s about that time again! We’re seeing the close of the last chapter of Teamfight Tactics – Rise of the Elements – and moving into a whole new era which League of Legends fans might already recognize. Yes, we’re talking Star Guardians, Mechs, and Cybernetic champions. TFT is stepping into the dystopian, magical-girl future and it’s going to take us right to the brink with the latest TFT Galaxies set. Here’s what we know about the new Origins and compositions that are possible. 

TFT Galaxies Set – New Teamfight Tactics Origins and Traits

We’ve got three new origins which, as mentioned, will already be ones that League of Legends players know and love. We’ll run through each of them as well as what their Origins can offer to a team composition.

TFT Galaxies Set – Cybernetics

The trait effect when it comes to Cybernetic champions is as follows: Cybernetic champions with an item equipped will gain (3) 300 health and 30 attack damage (6) 800 health and 80 attack damage. Some players are used to throwing as many items as they can on one champion so that they have a hypercarry, but this particular trait will mean that you might benefit more from ensuring that you stack a team of champions that all have a little something equipped so that they can benefit from this trait. The Cybernetic champions being introduced in the TFT Galaxies set are:

  • Leona
  • Fiora
  • Irelia

TFT Galaxies Set – Mech-Pilots

The trait effect when it comes to Mech-Pilot champions is as follows: (3) At the start of combat, three Mech-Pilot champs are merged into a Super Mech until it dies. Honestly, we reckon that sounds pretty dope. This Super Mech is useful because it will share traits and stats from the pilots, so your mech will scale based on the star level of your pilots. On top of that, it can also use items which are definitely a fun addition to living our your Pacific Rim dreams. If you’re wondering which champions can make up the next great gundam, the Mech-Pilot champions are as follows:

  • Annie
  • Rumble
  • Fizz

TFT Galaxies Set – Star Guardians

Now, the set that everyone has probably been frothing for – we’re talking about the Star Guardians! The trait effect when it comes to Star Guardian champions is as follows: Whenever a Star Guardian casts their spell, distribute (3) 20 mana (6) 30 mana among all the other Star Guardians. If you’re running caster-heavy compositions then it definitely makes sense to chuck a few Star Guardians in there, especially if you’re going to run Sorcerers for that sweet, sweet spell power bonuses for everyone. Sure, it might feel a bit glass cannon-y but who wouldn’t take the risk with the power of the Guardians to protect them? The Star Guardian champions this set are as follows:

  • Ahri
  • Neeko
  • Poppy
  • Soraka
  • Syndra
  • Zoe

Now that you’ve got the latest on the TFT Galaxies set when it comes to the team compositions as well as what they can do, it should be a little easier for you to add some variety to the teams that you’re currently trialing so that you have the most fun possible (in a way that’s most lethal to your opponents). We’re particularly keen on the Mech-Pilot champions because we’re huge mecha anime fans, so you can catch us giving this strategy a bit of a crack over the coming weeks. Need to know anything else about Teamfight Tactics? Check out these other tips and tricks that we’ve put together for you to have a little browse of while we get caught up with the latest in the meta:

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