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How to Surrender in TFT: When Can You Surrender?

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been cracking into Teamfight Tactics after some of the big changes to the new set, you might be wanting to familiarize yourself with how things work in the game again. Don’t worry, though. It’s definitely a bit like riding a bike. Want to know how to surrender in TFT? We’ve got you covered! We will tell you when you can do it, too.

How to Surrender in TFT: When Can You Surrender?

So, you can surrender in Teamfight Tactics, just like you can in League of Legends. However, this isn’t a matter of going /ff at 20 minutes. Obviously, because TFT games are shorter, it really only stands to reason that you’ll have a shorter time-out period in this game. 

For those who are looking for the exact time that you can tap out of a game, whether it’s because you can tell that you’re going to get utterly crushed by your opponent’s comp or because conceding would be a far more graceful defeat than rage-quitting when your mother tells you it’s time for dinner, we’ve got the answer. It’s 10 minutes. Once you hit the 10 minute mark, you can surrender via one of two ways in Teamfight Tactics:

  • Surrender after pressing Escape
  • Typing /ff in the chat

Of course, if you were raised in a barn and have no manners, it’s always possible for you to just abandon the game and leave it. It’s an autobattler of a kind after all. However, if you’re trying to surrender to dodge a bad comp so that you can queue up right away again, you’re going to have to actually wait a little bit before you can re-queue. Just keep that in mind before you hit the big button. 

Now that you know how to surrender in TFT and when you can surrender, you’ll be equipped to handle situations that just seem too nasty to continue toiling away in. Curious about other Teamfight Tactics related stories? We’ve got some guides and news for you to check out at our dedicated hub.