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Teamfight Tactics Mobile Version Announced for 2020

by Ginny Woo

Teamfight Tactics has taken the autochess world by storm, garnering immense success and popularity even amongst the parts of the community who weren’t already League of Legends fans. With the adorable mascots and the easy-to-pick-up playstyle, this game was a shoe-in for a mobile port and it now looks like Riot are answering our prayers. That’s right, a Teamfight Tactics mobile version has been announced for a 2020 release on iOS and Android. 

This isn’t just a separate, gated release compared to the PC version. On the League of Legends tenth anniversary stream, it was announced that TFT on mobile would be fully cross-play compatible with the PC version, which means that you don’t have to sacrifice any element of the original experience if you’re wanting to enjoy it on the go. 

On top of the news that TFT will be hanging out on our phones very soon, the tenth anniversary stream also gave us a window into the upcoming TFT seasonal set: Rise of the Elements. Sharing a name with the preseason changes happening in the main League of Legends title, the Rise of the Elements will be playable on live servers in a couple of weeks and add Desert and Inferno origins for characters in TFT. You’ll also get to experience the Summoner and Mystic classes, which will hopefully herald a nice change of pace from an Assassin-heavy meta. 

With this Teamfight Tactics mobile version being really the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what was announced by Riot Games during its livestream today, we’re still very stoked to take our Little Legends on the road with us. Soon enough, we’ll also be able to enjoy League of Legends on the go; that’s right, Wild Rift (a version of the main game for console and mobile) is going to be rolled out in the future. Check out what we know so far about that!

Ginny Woo

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