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Spatula Combinations TFT Guide

by Ginny Woo

Teamfight Tactics is undoubtedly all about teamwork making the dream work, and we don’t just mean that in the sense of your champions. We’re talking about items too, and none are more important to this thesis than the Spatula. In the right hands, you can slap a handy item onto one of your characters which gives them special class bonuses that they might not otherwise get. Check out our Spatula combinations TFT guide for a full list of what you can churn up with this magical item. 

Spatula Combinations TFT Guide

First things first, there’s the matter of picking up the Spatula. You can either nab a unit that already has the Spatula while you’re in one of your draft phases, or you can loot it. It’s random, essentially, but you’re going to be able to get a fair amount of use out of it if you know what you’re doing. 

With the Spatula in hand, you can combine it with other items to give you an item that mimics the effect of a Class or Origin bonus. This means that if you desire, you can give a character that would absolutely fumble a Ghostblade an Assassin bonus with the right Spatula combination. We’ve got a list below of the different combos that you can get with this item:

  • Spatula and B.F. Sword – Youmuu’s Ghostblade (Unit becomes an Assassin)
  • Spatula and Chain Vest – Knight’s Vow (Unit becomes a Knight)
  • Spatula and Spatula – Force of Nature (Unit doesn’t add to your unit cap)
  • Spatula and Giant’s Belt – Frozen Mallet (Unit becomes a Glacial)
  • Spatula and Needlessly Large Rod – Yuumi (Unit becomes a Sorcerer)
  • Spatula and Negatron Clock – Runaan’s Hurricane (Attacks 2 extra enemies and these attacks deal 50% damage)
  • Spatula and Recurve Bow – Blade of the Ruined King (Unit becomes a Blademaster)
  • Spatula and Tear of the Goddess – Darkin (Unit becomes a Demon)

Now that you’ve got our Spatula combinations TFT guide in hand, it should be easy to know what to do with this golden item the next time you’re lucky enough for it to drop. We definitely recommend making full use of these combos. Curious about anything else to do with Teamfight Tactics? Check out some other content that we’ve put together:

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