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Tears of the Kingdom (TotK): How to Get Star Fragments

Catch a falling star.

by Kara Phillips
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The land of Hyrule is incredibly rich in resources, whether you’re hunting for the ingredients for your next meal or taking to the depths to harvest some ancient technology, there’s always something to find across the land. But, this isn’t limited to the surface either. Although the sky islands also boast a bounty of goods to get ahold of, sometimes the best and most valuable materials are slightly harder to track down and come from above. Star Fragments in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are a perfect example of a high-value resource that is significantly harder to track down than your standard Hyrulian Herb. 

How to Get Star Fragments in Tears of the Kingdom

If you’re a night owl adventurer, you may have noticed quite a lot going on in the sky while under the moonlight. Every now and then, if you’ve seen a glowing yellow streak falling from the sky — usually fairly far in the distance unless you are particularly lucky — then you’re on the right track for finding a Star Fragment. As soon as you see this yellow streak, follow it to where it lands and you’ll be able to pick up your reward. Unfortunately, you’ll have to race through the night if you want to get ahold of one since they despawn in the morning. 

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In contrast to Breath of the Wild, Star Fragments can also be plucked out of the sky as they fall in Tears of the Kingdom, which makes it a lot easier than waiting for them to hit the ground. Of course, catching stars from the sky is pretty luck based, and there’s no way to tell when and where one is going to drop, so it’s a massive case of being in the right place at the right time, but if you are close enough you’ll be able to pluck the item out of the sky, you’ll just need to press A as you would picking something up from the ground.