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Tears Of The Kingdom – How To Perform The Glider Item Dupe In TotK

A new dupe glitch has been found in TOTK.

by Shaun Cichacki

No matter if you’re looking to get rich or just upgrade your armor to the max, knowing how to get your hands on plenty of items in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an absolute game changer. Yes, you may get labeled as a cheater by your friends, but when you’re roaming the land with a fat wallet of rupees and fully maxed-out armor, we’ll see who’s laughing then. Find out how to pull off the easiest duplication glitch yet, and get your inventory maxed out before Nintendo patches this out sooner than later.

Update: 5/25/2023: If you’re planning up doing the duplication glitch, do not update your copy of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to version 1.1.2. Nintendo has neutralized the glitch with this patch.

How To Duplicate Items With The Paraglider In Tears of the Kingdom

To perform this trick, you’re going to need a few different items, including:

  • Paraglider (here’s where to find it if you don’t have it yet)
  • The item you’d like to duplicate
  • Plenty of x1 Item (one of each)
  • A medium-height location

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Video: Prima Games

To perform this glitch as shown in the video above, you’ll need to put the item that you would like to duplicate in your last item slot. If you have a lot of them, this can be slightly repetitive work, but it’s worth it in the end. Enter your inventory, select the item you’d like to duplicate and drop them all on the ground so they are in the final spot. This is the most important part.

Then, find and jump off of a high point, popping your glider out as soon as you can. Enter your inventory by pressing the + Button on your controller, and selecting one of your x1 Items. Then, grab as many of the items you’d like to duplicate as possible, with 4 being the max.

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Once you have everything in your hands, quickly unpause the game and then pause the game again, repeating the steps above. By the time you either run out of x1 items or hit the ground, you’ll have an overabundance of items that you can use to upgrade your armor or sell off to make plenty of rupees.

You’ll know that this trick is working if you see your x1 item disappear, but your final inventory item stays in your inventory. Just keep pushing on to add more than you could ever need.

As you can see from the short video I uploaded, I started with 1 Topaz. By the time I was complete, I had 6. I can go back through and repeat this process, dropping 4 Topaz every time instead of just the one that I originally had, giving me the perfect chance to upgrade my Amiibo Armor.

As a too long, didn’t read, follow these exact steps to perform the glitch:

  • Find a high spot and jump off
  • Pop your glider and pause your game
  • Find an x1 item and hold it
  • Add the final inventory item that you’d like to duplicate (up to 4 of the same item)
  • Exit the pause menu and quickly renter it
  • Repeat this process until you hit the ground

You can only do this with one item at a time, so you’ll just need to keep repeating this until you’ve got the number of items needed. Once you hit the ground, pick up all of your goodies, and start it over once again. Sell your gems to vendors to make some quick cash, or use them for upgrades and elixirs to keep Link with a pep in his step.

Can This Dupe Glitch Corrupt My Save?

There is always a fear that doing an exploit like this too often can corrupt your save or cause issues for you while playing through Tears of the Kingdom. Thankfully, even after doing this close to 100 times on my own, I have run into no issues with saves or general gameplay, so I would truthfully say that there is little to no worry about corruption on your console. However, as with any glitch or exploit like this, use caution when you try it, as something could go wrong.

Now that you’re ready to hit the ground running with fully maxed-out armor and some extra cash, make sure to check out our Tears of the Kingdom section below to find out more helpful tricks on your adventure. We’ve got plenty of subjects covered, and more coming to keep your adventure as exciting as ever.

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