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Herta and Screwllum in Honkai: Star Rail
Image From Honkai: Star Rail YouTube Version 1.3 "Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins" Special Program

Swarm Disaster Event Guide & Rewards Listed in Honkai: Star Rail

Pick an Aeon and Pray

Simulated Universe is already a trial by fire in Honkai: Star Rail, tailoring the turn-based RPG into a rogue through its weekly ventures, but in their latest event with Swarm Disaster, everything players know has been turned on its head. Not only has Herta introduced dice, a new tree to upgrade, and a whole mystery to uncover, but she has brought a whole new path for Trailblazers to discover. 

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Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster Event Guide for Honkai: Star Rail

Swarm Disaster Domain Difficulty Menu in Honkai: Star Rail
Screenshot by Prima Games

Swarm Disaster encapsulates all of the true trials in a roguelite game. The point of the event is to continue challenging the domain, choosing different buffs, and increasing your strength even through defeat so your next attempt will have a better advantage. Each run will require you to try different paths and collect various blessings to uncover what happened to the Path of Propagation and receive all the rewards from this event. Swarm Disaster will be a permanent event that remains in the Simulated Universe, so don’t feel rushed about getting it all done within a specific time limit. 

Swarm Disaster Domain

After completing the prologue and introduction, players can access the five difficulty levels where they’ll perform most of their runs. Similar to the Simulated Universe, there are seven paths that players can choose for blessings, but in the form of dice that will have their own effects. Depending on which path Trailblazers choose, these dice can tailor the way they play the board, with some dice changing the tiles to other dice, allowing the player to jump around thanks to extended movement. By completing the domain with that path or facing challenges, the player can eventually unlock all of the paths, with the eighth one being Propagation, which is available much later. 

Swarm Disaster Path Dice Menu in Honkai: Star Rail
Screenshot by Prima Games
PathDice Effect
Preservation“Cornerstone” – Each Domain with Cornerstone Increases the Shield Effect on Characters
Remembrance“Recollection” – Each Domain Passed with Recollection Raises Allies Effect Hit Rate
Nihility“Blank Domains” – Rewards can be Obtained from Domains and DoT Increases when Passed Through
Abundance“Mercy” – Outgoing Healing Is Increased through Each Mercy Domain Passed and Countdown is Reduced for More Moves
The Hunt“Curio Trotter” – Generates Trotter or Curio Spots. Each Trotter Defeated Increases Crit Damage
Destruction“Elite” – Each Domain Won with Elite Increases Damage and Offers Additional Blessing. Some Domains Can Become Blank with Gold Roll of the Dice
Elation“Happiness” – Increases Follow-Up Damage on the Tiles You Choose
The Propagation“The Swarm” – Each Swarm Domain Won or Passed Through increases Basic Attack Damage

The Simulated Universe domain is now set out like a gameboard of sorts, with each of the rooms now being represented by icons that indicate whether the player can visit enemies, treasure, transactions, or occurrences. By hopping around the board and challenging enemies, Trailblazers can collect Blessings by defeating them and, through ‘Occurrences’ can gain Buffs or Debuffs such as Negative Curios. 

While it’s very similar, there is the added addition of the Swarm threatening to overtake the player if you linger too long in discovering more of the map. With each turn, depending on your actions, the Swarm will take over more of the board, leading to more interactions with the new enemies. There is also a limited amount of moves the player can make, and once you hit the negatives and the number starts to grow, this indicates how much stronger the final boss will be.

The event, much like the Simulated Universe, is all about how far your luck can make it through each trial and what events you can trigger to occur. This will lead to buffing your party through the Communing Trial and the Trial of the Pathstrider.

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Communing Trial and Pathfinder Buffs in the Swarm Disaster Event for Honkai: Star Rail

Swarm Disaster Pathstrider Tree in Honkai: Star Rail
Screenshot by Prima Games

For Swarm Disaster, there is a chart of branching paths for each of the Paths that currently exist in Honkai: Star Rail. By completing tasks within the Domain, such as obtaining a certain amount of Blessings or getting far in a particular Domain, Trailblazers will unlock tiers in the Pathstrider.

The Pathstrider will then grant additional points to level up these branches so that the chosen Path will give additional buffs. The goal is to unlock as many of these tasks as possible so that you will have a much easier time when dealing with the harder difficulties. It’s recommended that each time you enter the domain, you choose the path that has the most points in the Communing Trial or one of the easier Paths.

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How to Prepare for the Swarm Disaster Domain in Honkai: Star Rail

Although the final boss is weak to Quantum and Imaginary Elements, it’s essential to plan for the bosses ahead of the third and final stage of each domain. These bosses can include Gepard, Cocalia, Kafka, Automatons, and Sanctus Medicus members. While these bosses are somewhat random, you can go in with your strongest team and bring various characters and elements to prepare yourself against possible enemies ahead. However, with the Swarm still on the board in the first and second wave, bringing an Imaginary or Quantum Character is still recommended to deal with them swiftly. 

The best route you can choose whenever entering the Domain is the Path that is the most leveled since it’ll have the most buffs that will allow you to get much farther with stronger characters who excel with those buffs. By continuing to collect various Blessings and triggering ‘Occurrences’, players can level up these buffs and uncover more secrets about the Propagation. 

Swarm Disaster Communing Trial Menu in Honkai: Star Rail
Screenshot by Prima Games

The easiest paths to go with are Abundance, Destruction, and The Hunt. The Domains can be won with other paths, but these, in particular, make it far easier for players struggling to get around the board quickly, fill out the quests put forward by the Pathstrider, and obtain as many points in the Communing Trial so your team is all the more buffed for later and much harder Domains.

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Swarm Disaster Rewards Listed in Honkai: Star Rail

  • 2,380x Stellar Jade
  • 87x Traveler’s Guide
  • 132x Supplies Material Box
  • 1,160,000x Credits
  • 105x Lost Gold
  • 1,300x Relic Remains 
  • 4x Star Rail Pass 
  • 3x Tracks of Destiny
  • 2x Self-Modeling Resin

To avoid errors messing up your run, be sure to swing by our article covering some of Honkai: Star Rail’s Latest Error Code that’s been knocking on player doors as of 1.3. For more news and guides on Honkai: Star Rail, check out the game tag just below this article.

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