Starlight Exchange Rewards in Honkai: Star Rail Listed (October 2023)

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Asta and Arlan from Honkai: Star Rail
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There are a couple of things you need to take advantage of in Honkai: Star Rail, and that revolves mostly around the shops. Not the shops where you spend real-world money, mind you, but shops like the Starlight and Ember Exchange. Below, we’ll go over all Starlight Exchange Rewards in Honkai: Star Rail.

What is the Starlight Exchange?

You’ve probably already begun to collect Undying Starlight and Undying Embers. These drops are available for free every time you pull on the Warp Banners, sometimes coming with duplicate characters and light cones. These two items will prove to be very useful since the more you wish, the more you’ll be able to pay yourself back for all the gacha pulling that you do. 

However, each month will change the rewards that are available. This is seen commonly in Genshin Impact and can be expected to work quite similarly in Honkai: Star Rail as well. Each month, they will come out with two characters, a batch of light cones, and there will always be Star Rail Passes and Star Rail Special Passes for exchange. 

Current Available Starlight Exchange Items (October 2023)

Starlight Exchange for October 2023
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Each month, the Starlight Exchange will showcase two characters available in the shop. Although they will come at a steep cost of 140 Undying Starlights, you are basically gaining a free character added to your arsenal. But what if you already have that character? Instead, you will gain the Eidolon for that person. It’ll help increase their Skill Levels and unlock special abilities you would not have access to otherwise unless you were able to pull in the Warp Banners. 

The characters available for the month of September are Asta and Arlan.

Asta is one of the earliest characters given to the players for free. She is on the Path of the Harmony and due to her buffs, can speed up the team so their turn comes faster on the rotation. While she may be a character that is already on the player’s team, her Eidolons can help improve her buffs as well as her break effect. Although she may be a Harmony character, her element is Fire and her Skill can attack multiple enemies on the line. This can help to break down the Toughness of opposing enemies so that Asta can be used as a way to break through shields and speed up her teammates so they can have their turn sooner. 

Our other character for this month is Arlan who is a Pathfinder of Destruction and wields the Lightning element. The tricky thing about Arlan is that as a Destruction character, he is one of the few that will consume his HP to conduct his attacks and deal damage. For each point of HP that is consumed, his attacks will deal greater damage, making it tricky to keep Arlan alive on the battlefield. It’s best to pair him with a healer or gather more of his Eidolons so that he becomes stronger based on his HP. His Fourth Eidolon is similar to Gepard’s Unyielding Will where he will recover after being knocked down in battle, recovering 25% of his Max HP when he’s back up again. However, this ability won’t work after two turns have elapsed, so maybe it’s better to just keep a healer on deck just in case!

Light Cones

In Hoyoverse’s other games, the weapons, or Light Cones in this situation, would change every month. However, with Honkai: Star Rail being new and with a fresh batch of standard Five-Stars, we can expect that these might not change all that much. Makes it easier to grab in the meantime if you’re willing to part with 600 Undying Starlight.

All Available Light Cones in the Shop

  • Night on the Milky Way (Erudition)
  • Something Irreplaceable (Destruction)
  • But the Battle Isn’t Over (Harmony)
  • In the Name of the World (Nihility)
  • Moment of Victory (Preservation)
  • Sleep Like the Dead (Hunt)
  • Time Waits for No One (Abundance)

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Star Rail Passes

The Star Rail Special Pass and the Star Rail Pass will always be available for exchange at the price of 20 Undying Starlights. Whenever you need a spare Pass to add your total up to 10, this may be your saving grace! To garner a quick review over how many Light Cones are currently available in Honkai: Star Rail, check out our guide and refresh yourself on who they would be best for as well as what they do!

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