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How to Pronounce ‘Seele’ in Honkai: Star Rail

Seele sells sea shells by the sea shore

by Madison Benson
How to Pronounce Seele in Honkai Star Rail

Name pronunciation is a weird thing to talk about sometimes. It doesn’t really matter what situation you’re in, either. If you pronounce someone’s name wrong and they or another person catch it, things get a little wacky as you try to recover from it. Talking about a video game character is no exception, especially when you’re asking your friend about build ideas, and they laugh at how you say their name.

Getting back on track for a second, Seele’s name pronunciation in Honkai: Star Rail may be a little different from what you’d initially expect, which is why I’m here today to tell you all about it.

How to Pronounce ‘Seele’ in Honkai: Star Rail

Seele is someone you’ll encounter in two different situations: as a playable five-star character or an NPC you chitchat with during the Jarilo-VI quest line. Either way, you’ll see her early in the story even before anyone says her name.

With that in mind, why wouldn’t we want to learn her name? I’ll just cut right to the chase: Seele’s name is pronounced seal-ah. Two syllables, two parts to her name. I’ll admit I spent the first few hours of my playthrough calling her “Seal”, and I imagine a few people reading this did too. Or, well, I hope so, or else I’ll feel a little silly saying that.

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My questionable pronunciation skills aside, now you can rest assured knowing that whenever you talk about one of the strongest characters in the game, you’ll say her name right. Now the next step is having good enough RNG to get her during the gacha events.

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