Super Mario RPG: All Geno Special Moves and Effects, Listed

Yes, the cannon explosion still has a cute face.

An image of Geno preparing an attack in Super Mario RPG.
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Whatever his name may be, Geno is a solid supporter and fighter. Here’s a list of all Geno’s Special Moves and their effects in Super Mario RPG.

All Geno Special Moves and Effects in Super Mario RPG

The following table includes all of Geno’s Special Moves, their effects, and other important details, such as their FP cost and power in Super Mario RPG:

Special MoveLevel LearnedFP CostPowerEffectButton InputNotes
Geno BeamDefault3 FP40 PowerNeutral damage to one enemyHold A until just before the beam dischargesWhen the UI reaches five stars, release the A button
Geno BoostLevel 84 FPNoneRaise one ally’s attack by 50%
(Will also raise the ally’s defense by 50% with the correct button input)
Press A just before the end of the animationAn exclamation point (!) will appear above Geno’s head to indicate when to press A
Geno WhirlLevel 118 FP45 PowerNeutral damage to one enemy
(Will deal 9999 damage with perfect button input)
Press A prior to attack contact
Geno BlastLevel 1412 FP50 PowerNeutral damage to all enemiesHold A until just before releasing the blastWhen the UI reaches five stars, release the A button
Geno FlashLevel 1716 FP60 PowerNeutral Damage to all enemiesHold A until the UI reaches five stars

All of Geno’s Special Moves have a 100% hit rate.

Differences From Geno’s Special Moves in the Original Super Mario RPG

Geno’s Special Moves have remained unchanged from the original Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

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