How to Get and Use Fireworks in Super Mario RPG

Boom boom pow.

Screenshot of the young girl mole in Moleville in Super Mario RPG.
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As you explore Moleville in Super Mario RPG, you’ll encounter a young mole girl who asks if you’d like to trade fireworks for a shiny stone. Here’s where to find a set of fireworks in the Nintendo Switch remake.

Fireworks Exact Location in Super Mario RPG

To obtain the fireworks in Super Mario RPG, you’ll need to purchase them for 500 Coins. Follow the instructions step-by-step below to find their location.

From the wooden crates where the little girl stands, head into the building slightly to the northwest. Inside, you’ll find a family of moles. Speak to the father mole, wearing a green hat and overalls. He will explain that he’s experimenting with inventing fireworks and asks if you’d like to purchase a set of his fireworks for 500 coins. It’s pricy, but there’s no way around it – you’ll need to splash the cash.

Do so, and you’ll receive the Fireworks. If you don’t have the 500 coins to spare, win a few battles or sell some items at the Moleville Item Shop, the building with the Mushroom sign above the door.

What to Do With the Fireworks in Super Mario RPG

Now that you have the Fireworks in hand return to the young mole girl standing by the wooden crates. Talk to her, and select the “Sure” option when she asks if you’d like a Shiny Stone. She will then ask if you’ll trade your Fireworks for it. Select “Yes” to receive the Shiny Stone.

The item has a specific purpose in Super Mario RPG: it unlocks a secret boss fight. We’ve explained this in more detail in our separate Shiny Stone guide. It does contain significant spoilers, though, so click at your own risk.

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