How to Get and Use the Nuture Ring in Super Mario RPG


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As you explore Moleville in Super Mario RPG, you’ll encounter a treasure-hunting Toad who makes a profit by selling his discoveries. One of these is the Mystery Egg, which requires the Nurture Ring to be able to use; here’s what you need to know.

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How to Get the Nurture Ring in Super Mario RPG

To get the Nurture Ring, you must progress through the story until you reach Marrymore. Once there, visit the Item Shop inside the Marrymore Hotel in the northwest of town. It’s the building with the Mushroom and Star spinning signs above the door.

Go inside and speak to the green Toad behind the counter. Select “I’d like to buy some things” and then “Buy.” Tab over to the Accessories section, where you can purchase the Nurture Ring for 145 coins.


Peach is the only character who can equip the Nurture Ring.

If you equip it to Peach, you’ll notice that her stats don’t change. Instead, the Nurture Ring’s in-game description reads:

“Overflowing with the power of love.”

This doesn’t mean that the accessory is useless. In fact, the Nurture Ring halves damage taken from elemental attacks, which is ideal for Peach, given that her HP can be low depending on which level-up stats you’ve pumped into her. It does have another use, though…

How to Use the Nurture Ring in Super Mario RPG

If you’ve yet to purchase the Mystery Egg from the treasure Toad in the Moleville Item Shop, it becomes available after buying the Mystery Jewel from him. If you’ve bought the Mystery Jewel and he doesn’t offer the Mystery Egg for 200 coins, progress slightly and come back.

With the Mystery Egg in your inventory and the Nurture Ring equipped on Peach, enter any battle and use the Mystery Egg. To do this, wait until Peach’s turn and press the X button to open the Item menu. Select the item.

Do this 10 times, and the Mystery Egg will hatch into Lamb’s Lure, a battle item with infinite uses. Lamb’s Lure has a chance at turning an enemy into a sheep, except bosses and special foes, though forfeits all coins and XP earned. Because you don’t get any experience or money after using it, it’s best saved for when you’re about to die rather than something you’ll want to make use of frequently. Still, it’s a good backup plan to have.

Additionally, Lamb’s Lure automatically transforms into the Sheep Attack item after being used successfully in battle 48 times. You’ll know it’s turned into the item when the “The flock is full” message appears.

Sheep Attack is similar to Lamb’s Lure, except it turns every enemy (except bosses and special foes) in the fight into sheep rather than just one. Again, it has infinite uses, but using it forfeits all EXP and coins, so only use it when necessary.

Now that you know how to get and use the Nurture Ring, find out what to do with the Shiny Stone in Super Mario RPG, another mysterious item you can get in Moleville.

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