Super Mario RPG: All Mario Special Moves and Effects, Listed

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In the Super Mario RPG Nintendo Switch remake, Mario packs a punch with his moveset. Here’s a list of all of Mario’s Special Moves and their effects in Super Mario RPG.

All Mario Special Moves and Effects in Super Mario RPG

The following table includes Mario’s Special Moves, their effects, and other essential details such as their FP cost and power in Super Mario RPG:

Special MoveLevel LearnedFP CostPowerEffectButton InputNotes
JumpDefault3 FP25 PowerJump on one enemyPress A just before hitting the enemy
FireballLevel 35 FP20 PowerFire damage to one enemyPress A repeatedly
Super JumpLevel 67 FP45 PowerJump on one enemy
(Can perform repeated jumps through perfect button inputs)
Press A just as you land on the enemyYou can get the Attack Scarf from a Chow in Monstro Town for doing 30 consecutive jumps, and the Super Suit for pulling off 100 consecutive jumps
Super FireballLevel 109 FP40 PowerFire damage to one enemyPress A repeatedly
Ultra JumpLevel 1411 FP65 PowerJump on enemies randomly
(Can perform repeated jumps through perfect button inputs)
Press A just as you land on the enemy
Ultra FireballLevel 1814 FP60 PowerFire damage to all enemiesPress A repeatedly

All of Mario’s Special Moves have a 100% hit rate.

Differences From Mario’s Special Moves in the Original Super Mario RPG

Mario’s Special Moves have remained mostly unchanged compared to the original Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. In the remake, Mario’s fire moves have been consistently named using the series iconic “Fireball,” while they were initially called “Fire Orb,” “Super Flame,” and “Ultra Flame.”

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