Super Mario RPG: All Mallow Special Moves and Effects, Listed

Rain or shine, snow or starfall.

An image of Mallow ready to attack in Super Mario RPG.
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Mallow may not be a frog, but he’s a great ally in battle. Here’s a list of all of Mallow’s Special Moves and their effects in Super Mario RPG.

All Mallow Special Moves and Effects in Super Mario RPG

The following table includes all of Mallow’s Special Moves, their effects, and other important details such as their FP cost and power in Super Mario RPG.

Special MoveLevel LearnedFP CostPowerEffectButton InputNotes
ThunderboltDefault2 FP15 PowerThunder damage to all enemiesPress A just before the bolt ends
Thought PeekDefault1 FPNoneShows selected enemy’s remaining HP
(Button input displays enemy’s thoughts)
Press A when the two spotlights land on the enemy
HP RainLevel 32 FP10 PowerHeal one ally
(Can heal to full HP with correct button input timing)
Press A just before the shower endsThis skill can be used outside of battle
ShockerLevel 108 FP60 PowerThunder damage to one enemyPress A just before the bolt ends
SnowyLevel 1412 FP40 PowerIce damage to all enemiesSpin/rotate the left stick
Star RainLevel 1814 FP55 PowerNeutral damage to all enemies
(The star can bounce additional times with perfect button input timing)
Press A just upon contactThe star can bounce up to 17 times

All of Mallow’s Special Moves have a 100% hit rate.

Differences From Mallow’s Special Moves in the Original Super Mario RPG

In the original Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Thought Peek was questionably named Psychopath, and Mallow learned it at level six.

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