Starfield: Search and Seizure Quest Walkthrough

A chance to stop a smuggler in action.

Starfield Smuggler Ship
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I hope you’re not tired of helping Sergeant Yumi deal with criminals in New Atlantis because this is his most exciting case yet. Here is how to complete Search and Seizure in Starfield.

How to Start Search and Seizure

You will start Search and Seizure after completing A Break at Dawn for Sergeant Yumi. However, you may need to wait 24 hours in-game for the activity to pop back up. Otherwise, speak with Yumi immediately after completing the previous quest. He may yet have Search and Seizure available for you to tackle.

It’s important to note that you should finish the UC Vanguard questline before working for Sergeant Yumi.

How to Complete Search and Seizure in Starfield

To complete Search and Seizure, you must speak with Agent Plato at Aegis again, retrieve the slate of potential smuggler ships entering the starport, and track down and confiscate the contraband coming into New Atlantis.

Search and Seizure Quest Objectives
Speak to Sergeant Yumi
Speak to the Port Workers
Obtain the Ship Records from Aegis
Read the Slate and Identify the Smuggler’s Ship
Report to Sergeant Yumi
Obtain the Contraband
Report to Sergeant Yumi

First things first, Sergeant Yumi will ask you to investigate rumors of a smuggler ship entering the starport. You must track down and speak with the two port workers at docking bay B. One of them is a bit suspect but claims not to know anything. The other has been reporting a particular ship and knows precisely which one you’re talking about.

You need to confirm his findings with that of Aegis using the slate you will receive from Agent Plato.

Starfield New Atlantis Ship Technicians
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Once you have the ship in question locked down, return to Sergeant Yumi. He will task you to enter the vessel before his men to search the hold and secure the contraband.

Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. The captain and crew don’t take kindly to you messing up their operation, so prepare for a close-quarters battle with a handful of smugglers. A piece from Kore Kinetics should suffice for such a tight space.

Starfield Smuggler
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Once you’re done dealing with the infamous crew, return to Sergeant Yumi. Again, he’ll thank you for your service to New Atlantis and pay you handsomely for the job.

Search and Seizure Quest Rewards

For completing Search and Seizure, you will receive the following quest rewards:

  • 200 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

This isn’t the last quest for Sergeant Yumi, but it’s undoubtedly one of the more interesting ones available.

If you want something a little easier that unlocks a new weapons vendor in The Well, we recommend tackling A Shipment for Salinas.

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