Where to Find Kore Kinetics in Starfield

The best place to buy boom!

Starfield Kore Kinetics Shop in Neon
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Kore Kinetics is one of my favorite vendors in Neon, perhaps in all of Starfield, as it is the only surefire place to buy the various magweapons in the game. Here is where you can find Kore Kinetics in Starfield to buy all the necessary firepower!

How to Find Kore Kinetics in Starfield

Unlike most other vendors in the game, especially those in Neon, Kore Kinetics isn’t plopped down along the main throughway in Neon Core. Instead, it’s tucked inside the Trade Tower at the far end of the shopping district.

Starfield Neon Trade Tower
Screenshot by Prima Games

As you enter Neon Core from the starport, take a right and walk down the aisle. You will immediately notice the collection of neon signs indicating the Neon Trade Tower, and straight ahead through the main entrance is the Astral Lounge. You don’t want that, though. At least not right now.

Instead, while in the Trade Tower lobby, look to your right. You’ll note an elevator in the far corner, and it offers access to numerous floors, including Kore Kinetics.

Starfield Neon Trade Tower Elevator Floors
Screenshot by Prima Games

Upon entering, you’ll notice a small lobby-like shop with the vendor directly ahead and an active firing range in the back. You will speak with Matias Durant, an overzealous shop owner who wants to sell you a lot of firepower. I love this guy! He’s just a little wild and seems to actively enjoy the railguns he sells, which is a plus in my book. I happily buy from him each time I’m in Neon.

What Kore Kinetics Sells in Starfield

As the premier location for railguns and magweapons, Kore Kinetics sells:

Matias will also sell quite a bit of expensive ammunition, including:

  • 6.5mm MI Array
  • .43 MI Array
  • .50 MI Array

Each ammunition type will set you back a pretty penny, though. I purchased his entire stock and spent approximately 40,000 credits in one transaction.

If you want a weapon that is a little more conservative with its ammunition, we recommend tracking down the Peacemaker!

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