How to Get Poisonstorm in Starfield

Unleash a storm of poison with this unique heavy weapon!

Starfield Poisonstorm Unique Heavy Weapon
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I always take a heavy weapon when it comes to first-person shooters that allow the option. Is there anything better than unleashing a hellstorm of lead at enemies in video games? It’s cathartic. In Starfield, the opportunities for a heavy build prove relatively limited. But they’re not missing entirely. Here’s how to get Poisonstorm in Starfield. It’s one of the game’s most remarkable and potent large weapons!

Where to Get Poisonstorm in Starfield

Starfield Kore Kinetics in Neon
Screenshot by Prima Games

Getting your hands on Poisonstorm in Starfield is genuinely simple. First, travel to Neon, and as soon as you hit the main strip, turn right and walk down to the Trade Tower. You’ll want to take the elevator to the right of the main lobby to Kore Kinetics and speak with the vendor. He’ll sell you Poisonstorm for a hefty sum of credits.

Seriously, you need a lot of credits. Do not come unprepared. For Poisonstorm, expect to pay approximately 40,000 credits. It’s a potent weapon capable of dealing poison damage on top of its high DPS.

Poisonstorm Stats and Details

Starfield Poisonstorm Stats
Screenshot by Prima Games

The first thing you’ll notice about Poisonstorm usually isn’t its futuristic, industrial appearance. It’s the low damage output. That’s a mistake, though. Instead of focusing on the ten damage per hit, look at its fire rate. You can sling a lot of lead down range, wiping the floor with any enemy in the game relatively fast. And that doesn’t factor in the poison damage!

  • Weapon Type: Heavy Weapon
  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Damage: 10
  • Ammunition Type: .50 MI Array
  • Magazine Size: 160
  • Fire Rate: 400
  • Range: 58
  • Accuracy: 56.1%
  • Mass: 12.20
  • Value: 40650
  • Mod Slot 1: Depleted Uranium Rounds
  • Mod Slot 2: High Velocity
  • Rare Effect: Poison – Randomly deals poison damage and slows enemies.
  • Item ID: 001AC6B8

The most significant downside to the Poisonstorm heavy weapon is its ammunition. The .50 MI Array round is rather expensive. With a single magazine holding 160 rounds, you’ll spend tens of thousands of credits firing this weapon in a single combat encounter. I hope you’re raking in the bounties!

If you need a competent sidearm to pair with Poisonstorm, may I recommend Marathon? It’s an exceptional variant of the Urban Eagle with pre-installed mods that hit hard!

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